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2005 (fwd)

*Digital Resources for the Humanities* conference (DRH 2005), 4th-7th
September 2005
Lancaster University (UK)

Registration for DRH 2005 is now open: see

At this, the tenth DRH conference, we will focus on critical evaluation of
the use of digital resources in the arts and humanities. What has the impact
really been? What kinds of methodologies are being used? What are the
assumptions that underlie our work? How do we know that the work that we
accomplish is truly new and innovative? How does technology change the way
that we work?

The Conference will also address some of the key emerging themes and
strategic issues that engagement with ICT is bringing to scholarly research
in the arts and humanities, with a particular focus on advanced research
methods. What sort of research does ICT in the arts and humanities enable
researchers to do that could not be done before at all? Does this enable
'old' research to be done in a significantly new way? In what ways does the
technology serve the scholarship? Similarly, what are the key aspects of
virtual research environments ("cyberinfrasture") which can facilitate
collaborative research?

Dr Michael Fraser
Co-ordinator, Research Technologies Service & Head of Humbul
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN Tel: 01865 283 343
Fax: 01865 273 275
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