19.087 Paul Robeson as Othello: which edition?

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         Subject: Paul Robeson as Othello -- very old vinyl record

Fellow Humanists:

When I was an undergrad at Northwestern U. in the 1950's, our "sophomore
lit." class studied Othello. I checked out from the University Library an
astonishing vinyl of Paul Robeson and Uta Hagan (and others, obviously)
reading Othello. I remember two lines from that recording with utmost
clarity. See Act V Scene II. (The lines are not contiguous.)

Emilia: "I shall speak though Hell itself should gape and bid me hold my

Iago: " ... for there's no right nor wrong but thinking makes it so."

The latter is a more concise a statement of complete moral relativism than
any I have ever seen.

My attempts to track down this recording to check my recollections have been

Amazon lists this for Robeson.
   but I have no idea if this is the same recording.

IMDB (International Movie Data Base) lists this for Hagan.
   but this seems to be an excerpt rather than the entire play.

Now here is why this matters. Since I want to quote that line of Iago's in
something I am writing, I checked my Random House, New York, 1944 edition of

I have several hypotheses to explain this conundrum.

* My "utmost clarity" of recollection isn't.
* Robeson, Hagan et. al. were working from a different edition.
* Robeson, Hagan et. al. made some changes in the text while recording.

My query is not urgent but only interesting -- to me, at least.

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