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         Subject: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Humanities Computing

[Announcement of Interest]

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Humanities Computing

A new one year, fixed-term appointment will become available July 1st,=20
2005, for a suitably qualified Post-Doctoral Researcher to work with the=20
University of Victoria's Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR) Project,=
based in the Humanities Computing and Media Centre (HCMC) at the University=
of Victoria.

About TAPoR: TAPoR is building a unique human and computing infrastructure=
for text analysis across the country by establishing six regional centers=20
(UMcMaster, UMontreal, UAlberta, UNew Brunswick, UToronto, and UVictoria)=20
to form one national text analysis research portal. This portal will be a=20
gateway to tools for sophisticated analysis and retrieval, along with=20
representative texts for experimentation. The local centers will include=20
text research laboratories with best-of-breed software and full-text=20
servers that are coordinated into a vertical portal for the study of=20
electronic texts. Each center will be integrated into its local research=20
culture and, thus, some variation will exist from center to center.

TAPoR at the University of Victoria=E2=80=99s HCMC has a multimedia=
and server infrastructure suitable for research into a variety of areas of=
Humanities Computing, including multimedia enrichment and acquisition, text=
representation and text analysis. UVic=E2=80=99s newly appointed CRC Chair=
Humanities Computing, and our resident computing experts, provide guidance=
and expertise to the 8+ TAPoR-related research projects currently under=20
development. To learn more about UVic people and projects, see=20

Suitable candidates interested in this position will bring established=20
academic research questions in an area of Humanities Computing, as well as=
demonstrated capability to implement solutions to those questions using the=
technologies supported by TAPoR at UVic.

Examples of technologies supported by TAPoR at UVic are: XML, XSLT, and=20
XSL:FO encoding languages; TEI P4 and P5; XQuery; and eXist XML=20
databases. In addition, UVic TAPoR project members frequently work with=20
XHTML, JavaScript and CSS, and web-based SQL database projects using=20
PostgresSQL and mySQL.

A full job announcement detailing submission requirements, deadlines, and=20
salary guidelines, will be posted shortly on the Human Resources home page=
at the University of Victoria.

Please contact Scott Gerrity (sgerrity_at_uvic.ca or 250-721-8787), HCMC=20
Coordinator, for further information. =20
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