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         From: "H.M. Gladney" <hgladney_at_pacbell.net>
         Subject: Digital Document Quarterly 4(2) is now available 6d

          DDQ 4(2) is available at=20

This DIGITAL DOCUMENT QUARTERLY number focuses on=20
how institutions might choose digital repository=20
software=ADa potentially difficult decision since=20
there exist about 80 open source offerings and=20
about 20 commercial offerings that all seem to be=20
competently designed. The decision can be risky,=20
since an institution might become =93locked in=94 to=20
its choice by tailoring software and=20
institutional procedures that it builds on its=20
chosen repository base. Happily, a proposed=20
standard interface, Content Repository API for=20
Java=99 (JSR 170), might mitigate the risk. This=20
is a new prospect, since it seems that only one JSR 170 implementation=

This number also continues prior discussions of=20
epistemology with a discussion of two words whose=20
usage is fraught with strident debate:=20
=91dialectic=92 and =91scientific=92. It also expands on=20
2(1) discussion of Russell's Paradox by reminding=20
us all that natural language permits nonsensical=20
phrases=ADthat is, phrases that mean nothing whatsoever.

DDQ 4(2) includes columns about:

           Library Institutions vs. Preservation Technology?

           Preserving Dynamic Digital Objects

           Choosing Digital Repository Software

           Making Repository Software Replaceable

           News reports on digital storage demand=20
and capacity, and on doubtful patents

           Recommendations for books by Carnap,=20
Conant, and Garwin & Charpak, and

           The usual section on practical aspects of personal computing.

Best wishes, Henry

H.M. Gladney, Ph.D. HMG Consulting
Saratoga, California 95070
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