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         From: Edward Vanhoutte <edward.vanhoutte_at_kantl.be>
         Subject: Index Thomisticus

When Roberto Busa started his work on the Index Thomisticus, he
lamented the lack of critical editions of each of the works of Thomas
Aquinas on which he could base his research. Alternatively, he
expressed his belief that the complete index would be of use in the
matter of textual criticism. [1] Two questions arise from these early
statements for which I haven't managed to find the answers in later writings:

- Which texts did Busa take as input for his index, i.e. to which
version of the works of Thomas Aquinas does the Index Thomisticus refer?
- Which critical editions of the works of Thomas Aquinas have
profited from the Index Verborum?

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[1] Busa, Roberto (1950). Complete Index Verborum of Works of St
Thomas. Speculum: a journal of medieval studies, XXV/1 (january 1950): 424-425.

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