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         Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 07:24:24 +0100
         From: "Wayne Hanewicz" <hanewiwa_at_uvsc.edu>
         Subject: 2005 Humanities and Technology Conference

The 2005 Humanities and Technology Conference is taking shape very
well. The conference theme, "A Dialogue on Technology and Human Life:
Finding Meaning and Cultivating Humanity in a 21st Century
Technological World", has drawn a wide range of papers and
participants. I hope you will consider attending the conference,
scheduled for October 6,7,and 8, 2005, at the Snowbird Resort, Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Panel papers are now under review, and the detailed program will be
added to the website as soon as we receive confirmations from panel
members. However, perhaps you might consider leading an indepth
inquiry on one of the topics that will be presented. These small,
seminar-style "Dialogue Groups" are a new element for the conference,
and they are intended to encourage and nourish a deeper understanding
of an issue, and build productive professional networks for further
work. More detail can be found on the conference website:


I hope you will consider reaching out to the Humanities and
Technology Association Conference as the Association reaches out to
build collaborative relationships for study and research in the
future. We admire the work of the Humanist Group and the principles
upon which you are founded.

Dr. Wayne B. Hanewicz
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