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         Subject: "Digital Scholarship, Digital Culture", ISR 30.2, June 2005

Dear colleagues:

The latest issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (30.2, June
2005), publishes the edited papers delivered in an invitational
lecture series, "Digital scholarship, digital culture", held at
King's College London from October 2003 to May 2004. The series was
organised by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities to celebrate
the humanities at King's -- to honour them in public by drawing
attention to beginnings of a mutual transformation, of the humanities
and of computing.

Following is the list of contents:

Willard McCarty, Guest editorial (pp. 97-102)

Stanley N Katz, "Why technology matters: the humanities in the
twenty-first century" (pp. 105-18)

Michael S. Mahoney, "The histories of computing(s) (pp. 119-35)

Gordon Graham, "Strange bedfellows? Information systems and the
concept of the library" (pp. 137-44)

Yorick Wilks, "Artificial companions" (pp. 145-52)

Ian Hacking, "The Cartesian vision fulfilled: analogue bodies and
digital minds" (pp. 153-66)

Timothy Murray, "Curatorial in-securities: new media art and
rhizomatic instability" (pp. 167-77)

Jerome McGann, "Culture and technology: the way we live now, what is
to be done?" (pp. 179-89).

For more information on the journal, see
http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/isr. I would be grateful
if you would circulate news of this issue and of the journal itself
as widely as possible.


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