19.178 Research into Educational Software Development

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         Subject: Research into Educational Software Development

Apologies for cross-posting.

Dear Colleague,
I would like to invite you to contribute to research being carried
out at the UK Open University into Educational Software Development.
This research is novel in that it is investigating the extent to
which tacit practices in theatre have resonance in Educational
Software Development. If you are a practitioner in the field of
Educational Software, supporting any aspect of the development
process e.g. Educational, Software, Design or Managerial
perspectives, your views are an essential part of this research and I
would ask you to contribute them via an online survey available at.


The main aim of the survey is to collect data that will verify our
understanding of the factors that shape an individual's involvement
in Educational Software Development processes. It will gather
evidence from a wide range of people involved in these processes
about issues that may affect the production of successful / 'fit for
purpose' outcomes. Please feel free to forward this survey on to
others who you think may also wish to contribute to this research.

Any information that you supply will be treated in the strictest
confidence and in accordance with the Open University's Data
Protection Code of Conduct. In due course the research will be
written up and will contribute to the literature in this area, at
which time your anonomised views may be quoted but this will be done
in a manner that will not identify you, your institution, company or

Thanking you in anticipation of your response.
Jan Rae
Institute of Educational Technology
The Open University
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