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From: Janet Temos <jtemos_at_Princeton.EDU>
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The Academic Services department of the Office of Information
Technology has an opening for a Humanities Database Specialist with
the Educational Technologies Center (ETC).

Responsibilities will include the provision of technical support to
faculty clients who are working on database projects, the training of
graduate assistants to these projects, and the preparation and
maintenance of materials that are part of existing or new projects.
The Humanities Database Specialist will participate in meetings with
faculty to learn about the needs of specific projects, and will also
join in various phases of software development and maintaining and
developing database content. ETC currently uses the Almagest
multimedia database for teaching and learning, a product developed at
Princeton over the last decade. The Almagest database is in the
process of rapid development. Special projects for the coming year
include establishing a standard data model, defining new cataloging
and uploading tools, mapping data imports from a variety of formats,
enabling federated searches, and extending the database to include
more sophisticated text markup tools. The Humanities Database
Specialist will play an important role in achieving these goals.

The position will report to the Manager of Programming at ETC, but
will have a high degree of freedom in undertaking and designing the
intellectual content of projects. He or she will be the department
liaison to Council of the Humanities at Princeton, "the locus of a
broad range of interdisciplinary courses, programs and initiatives,
including the creative arts, media studies and the Society of Fellows."

The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. (or ABD) in a humanities
discipline and a background, formal or informal, in humanities
computing and/or complex database research projects.

General familiarity is expected with the operating systems and
architecture for both Windows and Linux platforms, scripting
languages, database technologies and mark-up standards. Familiarity
with data standards and authorities is expected: Princeton is
participating in the development of several image data standards.
Adopting standards for other file types must be part of our future plans.

Core technical skills for the Humanities database specialist would
include the knowledge of Oracle, Access, FileMakerPro, TMS,
MoveableType, and basic web design software; database programming in
SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, PERL; experience with import/export
issues, XML, PHP, and knowledge of data standards as described above.

Familiarity with tools used in teaching and learning, such as
learning management systems (Blackboard), bibliography tools, common
blog and wiki tools, and other software that enables pedagogy is expected.

Applications, which should include a brief cover letter, Curriculum
Vitae, and the names and contact information for three references.

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