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   [1] From: "Ray Siemens" <siemensr_at_MALA.BC.CA> (110)
         Subject: Summer Institute special course offering: Issues in
                 Project Planning and Management

   [2] From: Matthew Zimmerman <matthew.zimmerman_at_nyu.edu> (26)
         Subject: Call for Posters, TEI Members' meeting, Sofia

   [3] From: ceemas05_at_conferences.hu (23)
         Subject: ceemas05 call for participation

         Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:25:53 +0100
         From: "Ray Siemens" <siemensr_at_MALA.BC.CA>
         Subject: Summer Institute special course offering: Issues in
Project Planning and Management

Announcing a special offering of

Issues in Project Planning and Management
Digital Humanities/Humanities Computing Summer Institute
22-23 August 2005
University of Victoria

Further to our program this past June (see=20
http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/institute/), the institute=20
is pleased to announce that it will be offering a=20
special condensed version of Issues in Project=20
Planning and Management, 22-23 August 2005.

* Course Description

Issues in Project Planning and Management
22-23 August 2005
Instructor: Lynne Siemens (Malaspina U-C)

Effective planning and management skills become=20
increasingly important to the collaborative and=20
'team' research environments that characterise=20
the digital humanities. This offering covers the=20
basics of project planning and management, from=20
the conception of a project to its review upon=20
completion. Topics addressed include=20
establishing a project plan, setting budgets and=20
controls, managing risk, scheduling tasks, and=20
using related software tools and Internet=20
resources. Material will be covered through=20
lectures, discussions, case studies, and in-class=20
planning of projects brought to the seminar by=20
participants; essential readings will be provided in a course package.
          This offering is seminar-style, allowing=20
close contact with all involved in the seminar,=20
and a real opportunity for discussion, consultation, and collaboration.

* Registration Fees ($ CDN)

For this special condensed offering of the workshop, rates are as follows:
    - Those at sponsoring institutions (U Victoria, Acadia U, UBC
      Library and Malaspina U-C) or organizations (ACH, ALLC)
          $250 for faculty/staff
          $125 for students
   - Those not members of sponsoring institutions or organisations
          $500 for faculty/staff
          $250 for students

* To Register

To register for this especial offering, please be=20
in touch directly with Karin Armstrong, karindar_at_uvic.ca.


About the Digital Humanities/Humanities Computing Summer Institute

* Mandate
          The institute provides an environment=20
ideal to discuss, to learn about, and to advance=20
skills in the new computing technologies that=20
influence the way in which those in the Arts and=20
Humanities carry out their teaching and research=20
today. The institute offers intensive=20
coursework, seminar participation, and lectures,=20
and it brings together faculty, staff, and=20
graduate student theorists, experimentalists,=20
technologists, and administrators from different=20
areas of the Arts and Humanities -- plus members=20
of the digital library, library, and archival=20
studies community, and beyond -- to share ideas=20
and methods, and to develop expertise in applying=20
advanced technologies to their teaching and research.

* Host and Sponsors
          The institute is hosted by the=20
University of Victoria's Faculty of Humanities=20
and its Humanities Computing and Media Centre,=20
and is sponsored by the University of Victoria,=20
University of British Columbia Library, Malaspina=20
University College, Acadia University, the=20
Consortium for Computing in the Humanities /=20
Consortium pour ordinateurs en sciences humaines,=20
the Association for Computers and the Humanities,=20
the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, and others.

* 2005 Curriculum

Institute Lectures:
   Lorna Hughes [New York U], David Hoover [New=20
York U], Willard McCarty [King's College, London],
   Stan Ruecker [U Alberta], Claire Warwick=20
[University College, London], John Unsworth [U Illinois,

Introductory offerings:
   [1] Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Julia Flanders [Brown U] and Syd Bauman [Brown U])
   [2] Digitisation Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Marshall Soules and CDHI staff [Malaspina U-C])

Intermediate offerings:
   [3] Intermediate Encoding: Advanced TEI=20
Encoding Issues, Metadata, Text Transformations, and Databases
     (instructed by Susan Schreibman [U Maryland]=20
and Amit Kumar [U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign])
   [4] Multimedia: Tools and Techniques for Digital Media Projects
     (instructed by Aim=E9e Morrison [U Waterloo])

Advanced Consultation:
   [5] Large Project Planning, Funding, and Management
     (instructed by Lynne Siemens [Malaspina U-C],=20
with seminar speakers including Alan Galey
      [U Western Ontario], Matt Steggle [Sheffield=20
Hallam U], Claire Warwick [University College,
      London], Lorna Hughes [New York U], Julia=20
Flanders [Brown U], and Susan Schreibman [U Maryland])

* Website
For further details -- such as the list of=20
speakers, a tentative schedule, the registration=20
form, and accommodation information -- see the=20
institute's website, at this URL: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/institute/ .

R.G. Siemens
English, University of Victoria, PO Box 3070 STN=20
CSC, Victoria, BC, Canada. V8W 3W1
Phone: (250) 721-7272 Fax: (250) 721-6498
siemens@uvic.ca http://web.uvic.ca/~siemens/

         Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:26:41 +0100
         From: Matthew Zimmerman <matthew.zimmerman_at_nyu.edu>
         Subject: Call for Posters, TEI Members' meeting, Sofia

The TEI Consortium is happy to announce that a poster session/tool
demonstration has been added to the program of this year's members'
meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 28 and 29th. The poster session
will take place the morning of the second day of the meeting, Saturday,
October 29th. In addition to the poster session on Saturday, some poster
presenters will be offered to give a short talk about their poster at
the member's meeting on Friday, October 28th during the "10 Minutes of
Fame" session.

The topic of a poster can be a current project you are working on using
TEI encoding, a tool developed for the production or dissemination of
TEI-encoded texts, or any TEI-related topic you feel would be of benefit
to the community. The poster can be a traditional printed poster or a
demonstration on a computer. Unfortunately the TEI cannot fund the
travel, lodging, or meals for poster presenters. The local organizer can
provide a flip chart and a table for each presenter but Internet access
has not yet been confirmed, so keep that in mind when proposing your poster.

If you wish to present a poster or tool demonstration at the members'
meeting in Sofia, please send a brief proposal (500 -750 words)
describing your project to the program chair
(matthew.zimmerman_at_nyu.edu). Deadline for proposals is Friday, September
15th, 2005. The proposals will be reviewed by the program committee and
successful applicants will be notified by September 30th, 2005 and given
further information about presenting.

For more information on the 2005 TEI Members' meeting, please see

Matt Zimmerman
Program Chair

         Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:27:45 +0100
         From: ceemas05_at_conferences.hu
         Subject: ceemas05 call for participation



4th International Central and Eastern European Conference on
Multi-Agent Systems

15-17 September 2005,
Budapest, Hungary



Co-located with
The Third AgentLink III Technical Forum (AL3-TF3)
First Technical European FIPA IEEE Meeting

Co-sponsored by
- European Coordinating Action for Agent-Based Computing (AgentLink III)
- AITIA Informatikai Inc.

Invited Speaker

- Giovanni Rimassa, Whitestein Technologies AG, Zurich, Switzerland,

Scientific Programme

The preliminary programme of CEEMAS 2005 is available at


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