19.210 recognized disciplines (and computing)

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         From: Ryan Deschamps <Ryan.Deschamps_at_Dal.Ca>
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Williard, with regards to taxonomies for Governments regarding
funding. I don't
have one regarding funding per se, but it seems to me that the taxonomy that
the Canadian Government uses to catalogue the disciplines for the public
service might be useful to you.


I recommend applying for an account and tinkering with the database -- you are
required to enter your degrees and then "specializations" that accord with the
degree. The specializations are very interesting. For instance, librarians
are located under "communications." With my interdisciplinary background, I
found it quite difficult to describe myself the way I wanted to, because the
taxonomy just didn't "fit" for me. I wanted information policy jobs and I got
approached for communications positions.

Ryan. . .

Ryan Deschamps
MLIS/MPA Expected 2005
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