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   [1] From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK> (72)
         Subject: Journal of Digital Information - Call for Papers

   [2] From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK> (66)
         Subject: AH2006 - Call for Papers

   [3] From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK> (153)
         Subject: Joint Call for Participation: IEEE Conference on Web
                 Services (ICWS 2005) and IEEE Conf. on Services
                 Computing (SCC

   [4] From: delta2006_at_eng.monash.edu.my (37)
         Subject: CFP:DELTA2006, Manuscripts submission-31 August 2005
                 (extended deadline)

         Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:08:25 +0100
         From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
         Subject: Journal of Digital Information - Call for Papers

Journal of Digital Information

Call for Papers
Special Issue on:
Personalisation of Computing & Services

Submission deadline: 22nd October, 2005
Publication Date: February 2006

Submissions are sought for a special edition for the Hypermedia
Systems theme of JoDI on Personalisation of Computing & Services.

With the creation and expansion of adaptive computing services, there
is now the capability to match a users expectations. Modern users
demand services that are relevant to their personal needs - be they
the needs of a consumer, an educator, or even just enhancing a simple
web enquiry. Any such service will have a multitude of requirements:
how are they authored; how do they interoperate; what data should be
gathered and how & when should it be used; and how we represent a
personal Web of data and services? Of course personalised computing
is about much more than the World Wide Web; for example with
ubiquitous and pervasive computing just around the corner, the
requirement for an appropriate and user determined service that is
mobile and international is made manifest. This special issue will
describe and detail the leading research that addresses the
fundamental issues in personalised computing services.

Papers should present original work, which has not been published or
being reviewed for other journals & conferences. Papers should be
written in English.

This special issue is interested in the Modelling, Implementation &
Evaluation of the following topics:

- Applications: especially in the areas of e-learning, e-health,
e-commerce and digital libraries
- Personalised Web Services
- Adaptive/dynamic authoring
- Personalisation and visualisation of user interfaces

- Standards for personalisation
- Extraction and application of metadata for personalisation

- Interoperability between personalised systems
- Evaluation of personalised frameworks & systems
- Personalisation based upon the Semantic Web
- Security and privacy
- International use of personalised systems
- Mobile and ubiquitous computing for the individual

Authors should submit their papers electronically using the
submission form at jodi.tamu.edu. Selecting the title or editor for
this issue from the Theme or Editor drop-down box will alert the
editor to your submission automatically.

Before submitting please take note of the journal's Guidelines for
submission: notes for authors. There is no fixed length for
submissions, but papers should be self-contained. Authors are
encouraged to leverage the online nature of JoDI in developing
submissions that optimally illustrate the issues raised in papers.
Authors who wish to submit a paper with unusual features are
requested to contact the Special issue Editors prior to submission.

All submissions will be subject to peer review. Authors of accepted
papers will be notified in December, 2005 and they will then be able
to modify their papers, with a deadline for the receipt of the final
version of the 22nd December, 2005.

Special Editors:
Alexandra Cristea, Eindhoven University of Technology &
Craig Stewart, University of Nottingham



Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)


         Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:10:06 +0100
         From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
         Subject: AH2006 - Call for Papers

**** AH2006 - Call for Papers - www.ah2006.org ****

The 4th International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive
Web-Based Systems (AH2006), Dublin, Ireland

The 2006 International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive
Web-Based Systems (AH2006) will take place in the National College of
Ireland in Dublin, Ireland. AH2006 will be the fourth in a very
successful conference series that began in Trento, Italy (2000), with
subsequent conferences held in Malaga, Spain (2002) and Eindhoven,
the Netherlands (2004).

The AH conferences are the premier opportunity for the scientific
exchange and presentation of high quality research in all aspects of
adaptive hypermedia and adaptive web-based systems. Relevant
submissions of substantial, original, and previously unpublished
research will be invited in February 2006. In addition to its plenary
scientific sesssions, the conference will include a range of related
workshops and tutorials as well as a doctoral consortium and a
dedicated industry track designed to bring together practitioners and
users of adaptive hypermedia technology.

The proceedings of AH2006 will be published by Springer Verlag as
part of their Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.


Submissions are invited on substantial, original, and previously
unpublished research in the many and varied aspects of adaptive
hypermedia and adaptive web-based systems, including, but not limited to:

- User profiling and modeling in adaptive hypermedia and Web-based applications
- Group modeling and community-based profiling on the WWW
- Web-based recommender systems and recommendation strategies
- Data mining for Web personalization
- Personalization, meta-data and standards (XML, the Semantic Web Initiative)
- Intelligent Web agents for personalization and adaptivity
- Composition and management of adaptive Web services and hypermedia
- Adaptive information filtering and personalized information
retrieval on the Web
- Personalized e-Learning and adaptive Web-based educational systems
- Personalization for digital TV
- Personalizing the mobile Web (PDAs, mobile phones and other handheld devices)
- Personalized Web sites and e-commerce and eGovernment services
- Personalization in digital libraries; personalized tourist and
cultural heritage
- Personalization in healthcare and public health information
- Cross-platform adaptivity and personalization in ubiquitous systems
- Adaptivity and personalization on the 3D Web
- Adaptive multimedia content authoring and delivery
- Adaptive hypermedia in ubiquitous computing environments and Smart Spaces
- Privacy, trust and security in adaptive Web systems
- Architectures for scalable adaptive systems
- Evaluation methodologies, deployment experiences & user studies
- Empirical studies of adaptive hypermedia and Web systems
- Management, usability and scrutability of adaptive Web systems

Dublin is one of Europe's most vibrant, friendly and accessible
cities. It exudes the style and confidence of a cosmopolitan European
capital. Its lively social scene, superb dining, elegant architecture
and world-class museum and literary heritage make it one of Europe's
most desirable cities. AH2006 will be hosted by the National College
of Ireland (in association with University College Dublin and Trinity
College Dublin) at its state-of-the-art new campus, located in
Dublin's trendy docklands quarter, in the heart of the the city's
International Financial Services Centre.

Paper submissions - February 3, 2006
Notification of acceptance - March 10, 2006
Final versions due - March 31, 2006
Workshop/Tutorial Proposals - February 10, 2006
Workshops & Tutorials - June 20, 2006
Main conference: - June 21-23, 2006


         Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:11:15 +0100
         From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
         Subject: Joint Call for Participation: IEEE Conference on
Web Services (ICWS 2005) and IEEE Conf. on Services Computing (SCC

Joint Call for Participants (IEEE Joint Conference on SERVICES)

2005 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2005)

2005 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2005)

July 12-15, 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA
Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society
Technical Committee on Services Computing (http://tab.computer.org/tcsc)

***Theme: Bridge the Gap between Business Services and IT Services***

The 2005 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2005) is
the THIRD year of ICWS focusing on Web Services. ICWS is a forum for
researchers and industry practitioners to exchange information regarding
advancements in the state of the art and practice of Web Services, as
well as to identify the emerging research topics and define the future
of Web Services computing. Some of the topics of interest include: Web
Services specifications and enhancements, Web Services discovery, Web
Services security, Web Services based applications, Web Services
standards and technologies, Web Services applications and solutions, Web
Services realizations, semantic Web Services, and other emerging
technologies or solutions.

The 2005 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2005),
which is the SECOND year of SCC, aims to the topics of bridging the gap
between Business Services and IT Services with a new ground breaking
technology suite that includes Web services and service-oriented
architecture (SOA), business process integration and performance
management, utility/grid computing and autonomic computing. SCC 2005 has
the following major research tracks: Foundations of Services Computing,
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Grid/Utility Computing, and
Business Performance Management Services and Business Integration. This
year we are pleased to present an extremely strong technical program.

As a potential participant, you just need to register to either SCC 2005
or ICWS 2005. Then you can attend both ICWS 2005 and SCC 2005! The
online registration system is located at
http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2005/reg.htm. The deadline for the
general participants is June 27, 2005. We accept on-site registration
(with a higher registration fee). ICWS/SCC 2005 will be held at Sheraton
Safari Hotel - Lake Buena Vista Florida (12205 Apopka-Vineland Road,
Orlando, FL 32836).

This year, we have 4 keynote speakers as follows:

### Keynote 1: XML Data Services

      Michael J. Carey
      ACM Fellow, Member of the National Academy of Engineering
      BEA Systems, Inc.

### Keynote 2: Web Services Composition: A Story of Models, Automata,
and Logics

      Richard Hull
      Director of Network Data and Services Research
      Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies

### Keynote 3: Services Ecosystem

      George M. Galambos
      IBM Fellow
      Chief Technology Officer, IBM Global Services Canada

### Keynote 4: Five years of Software as a Service: The Good, the Bad
and the Ugly

      Ephraim Feig
      IEEE Fellow, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
      Kintera, Inc.

In addition, we offer about 20 strong industry tracks from researchers
and practitioners working in the frontier of Web Services in industry.
Furthermore, ICWS and SCC technical program also includes poster paper
session accepted from a separate submission channel enabling
work-in-progress results to be shared and disseminated at the conference
and 6 tutorials, reviewing the state of art in six different areas
related to advances in Web Services.

Specifically, four half-day tutorials and one workshop "Semantic and
Dynamic Web Processes" will be held on July 11, 2005 (Monday). The other
two half-day tutorials will be held on July 15, 2005 (Friday). The
details are shown as follows:

>>> Tutorial 1: Distributed System Development Using Web Service and
Enterprise Java Beans
      Anup Kumar

>>> Tutorial 2: Designing and Implementing the Enterprise Service Bus
(ESB) and SOA Solutions
      Min Luo, Benjamin Goldshlager, and Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang

>>> Tutorial 3: Semantic Web Services Tutorial
      Michael Stollberg, and Armin Haller

>>> Tutorial 4: Quality of Service Specification and Management for XML
Web Services
      Vladimir Tosic, and Patrick C. K. Hung

>>> Tutorial 5: Perspectives on Service Oriented Architecture
      Sriram Anand, Srinivas Padmanabhuni, and Jai Ganesh

>>> Tutorial 6: Collaborative Business Transactions Management: Issues
and Challenges
      Yanchun Zhang, Jian Yang, and Chengfei Liu

In particular, ICWS and SCC have organized 4 outstanding panel
discussions on the following topics:

<<< Panel 1: Services Science: Services Innovation Research & Education

      Moderator: J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

      Panelists (alphabetical order):
      - George W. Brown (Intel)
      - Michael J. Carey (BEA)
      - Akhil Kumar (Penn State University)
      - James C. Spohrer (IBM)
      - Mohan Tanniru (University of Arizona)

<<< Panel 2: Service-Based Computing Strategy & Planning by IT

      Moderator: Frank E. Ferrante, EIC IT Professional Magazine

      Panelists (alphabetical order):
      - Arnold Bragg (RTI International)
      - Ken Christensen (University of South Florida)
      - Wayne Clark (Cisco Systems)
      - Simon Liu (NIH/NLM)
      - Joseph Williams (Microsoft)
      - Liang-Jie Zhang (IBM)

<<< Panel 3: Quality of Manageability of Web Services

      Moderator: Dejan S. Milojicic, HP Labs

      Panelists (alphabetical order):
      - Jin Hai (Huazhong University)
      - Geng Lin (Cisco)
      - Hemant Jain (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
      - Heather M. Kreger (IBM)
      - William Vambenepe (HP)

<<< Panel 4: Experiences with Service Computing- a view from the
Business World

      Moderator: Ephraim Feig, Kintera Inc., USA

      Panelists (alphabetical order):
      - Ali Arsanjani (IBM Global Services)
      - Cesar A Gonzales (IBM Fellow, IBM Research)
      - Zhiwei Xu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS)
      - Jia Zhang (BEA)

Finally, ICWS and SCC also hold exhibit and demo program, and job fair

General Chairs:
- Carl K. Chang (Iowa State University, USA)
- Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA)

Industrial Track Chairs:
- Ali Arsanjani (IBM Global Services, USA)
- Wu Chou (Avaya Labs Research, USA)

Program Committee Chairs of ICWS 2005:
- Jianwen Su (U C Santa Barbara, USA)
- Malu G. Castellanos (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA)

Panels Chairs:
- Dejan S. Milojicic (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA)
- J. Leon Zhao (University of Arizona, USA)

Program Committee Chairs of SCC 2005:
- Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
- Sandeep Purao (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
- Hai Jin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)

Publicity Chairs:
- Patrick C. K. Hung (University of Ontario Institute of Technology,
- Anup Kumar (University of Louisville, USA)
- Elena Ferrari (University of Insubria at Como, Italy)

Tutorials Chair: Ling Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Job Fair Chair: Hemant Jain (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA)

Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)


         Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:13:55 +0100
         From: delta2006_at_eng.monash.edu.my
         Subject: CFP:DELTA2006, Manuscripts submission-31 August
2005 (extended deadline)


3rd IEEE International Workshop on Electronic Design, Test & Applications
(DELTA 2006)

January 17-19, 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

URL: http://www.monash.edu.my/events/Delta2006

Sponsored by:

IEEE Computer Society (TTTC), IEEE Malaysia Section, Monash University Malaysia


The main goal of DELTA 2006 is to bring together specialists from all
over the world to meet and to discuss research and engineering
problems and results in the emerging area of electronic design,
manufacturing, test, advanced system applications and related areas.


Original contributions are sought in the wide range of the areas of
electronics design, test and applications including (but are not limited

1. Design:
Digital Devices, Components and Techniques, Analog Components and
Techniques, System Architecture, Simulation and Modelling,
Microprocessors and ASICs, Opto-Electronics, Power Electronics,
Multi-Chip Projects, Packaging, Practical Realisation & Field Trials
Emerging Technologies, Design & Re-Use

2. Testing:
System Testing, Design Verifications, Built-In Self-test Techniques,
Design for Testability, Boundary Scan, Analog and Mixed-Signal Test,
Fault-Tolerant and Robustness, Concurrent Checking and On-Line
Testing, Measurement for Reliability and Safety Assessment,
Characterisation Testing, Performance Modelling and Analysis,
Sequential Circuits Test and Memory Test

3. Applications:
Communications and Networking, Signal Processing, Artificial
Intelligence systems, Instrumentation, Measurements and Control,
Medical Electronics, Variable Speed Drives, Real-Time Systems, Novel
Systems and Applications Multimedia, Education, Technology Transfer

Special sessions:

Proposals are also sought for organizing special sessions and
tutorials/seminars on hot topics in design, test and applications.

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