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Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 09:22:16 +0100

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         Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 09:15:55 +0100
         From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison_at_unc.edu>
         Subject: The Technology Source Archives Are Now Available

I am pleased to announce that we have moved TS from the Michigan
Virtual University server to UNC's ibiblio server at
www.technologysource.org . We are most grateful to the Health Policy
and Administration Executive Master's Programs in UNC's School of
Public Health for providing the funding for this move and to UNC's
ibiblio library and digital archive for hosting the archives. And we
certainly appreciate MVU's cooperation in this move and to their
providing a pointer to the current archives in the event a person
uses the old http://ts.mivu.org address to access an article.

We are aware that there are some abnormalities in the archives that
resulted from using some non-standard HTML characters used when
publishing TS on the MVU server that do not translate well to the
current database. Please send me a note if you spot any
abnormalities so that we can correct them. Also, one of the artifacts
of Web publishing is that links go bad. If you know of a program that
detects bad links and "delinks" them, please let me know.



James L. Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, Innovate
Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill
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