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Call for Papers

Journal of Digital Information announces a Special Issue on Spatial Hypermedia

Special issue Editors: Frank Shipman, Texas A&M University & Jim Rosenberg

Submission deadline: March 3rd, 2006 Publication: June 2006

Submissions are sought for a special edition for the Hypermedia Systems
theme of JoDI on Spatial Hypermedia.

Spatial hypertext emerged due to the limitations of expression and
communication of relationships between documents via explicit links. Since
then, numerous spatial hypertext systems, applications, and analyses have
been presented in the four workshops on spatial hypertext and in the
spatial hypertext track at ACM Hypertext Conferences.

This special issue will bring together papers on spatial hypertext
theories, design, systems, applications, and experiences.

Expected topics include:

      * Spatial hypertext systems
      * User experience with spatial hypertext
      * Spatial hypertext applications
      * Collaboration and spatial hypertext
      * Multimedia in spatial hypertext
      * Adaptive spatial hypertext
      * Integrating spatial hypertext with other hypertext frameworks and other
          software environments generally.
      * Communication and expression in spatial hypertext
      * Rhetoric issues posed by spatial hypertext

For more details on indicative topics and submission, see the full call

All submissions will be subject to peer review.

The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only via
the Web. JoDI is currently free to all users thanks to support from the Texas
A&M University Libraries.
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