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         Subject: Humanities and Technology Conference, October 6,7,8, 2005

Dear Humanist Colleague:

The 2005 Humanities and Technology Conference in Salt Lake City,
October 6, 7, and 8, is drawing near. If you have not yet
registered, please do so. You can register through our Conference
Website (http://uvsc.edu/tech/hta/), or simply call Sandra at
801-863-8137. We will convene at the beautiful and restful Snowbird
Resort just on the edge of Salt Lake City. The rooms and dining are
excellent, the facilities are conducive to our work, and the Snowbird
staff is anxious to make this a pleasant and memorable experience for
all of us.

The 2005 HTA Conference, entitled "A Dialogue on Technology and Human
Life: Finding Meaning and Cultivating Humanity in a 21st Century
Technological World"
looks to the future of our humanity in the complex world of 21st
century technology. The range of issues is wide, important, and
challenging. This year we will encourage genuine dialogue among us
by providing more time for small group discussion with panel members
and each other. This format will carry the added value of building
collegial relationships among our peers, and facilitate continuing
communication throughout the years.

Please also note that we are also encouraging student papers, and we
will organize a panel dedicated to student presentations. This is an
important step in our responsibility to prepare the next generation
of principled thinkers who can lead their generation through the
human issues that will characterize their world. Finally, we hope to
include presentations in various art forms, including an exhibition
of artistic creations by artists who work with the relationship
between technology and the humanities. The full program will be
added to the website in a few days pending final acceptance of papers
and scheduling.

For these reasons, and so many more, I hope that you will support the
work of the HTA by attending the 2005 HTA Conference. Please review
our Conference website at:


I look forward to seeing you at the Conference.


Dr. Wayne B. Hanewicz
Conference Director

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