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         From: Daniel Paul O'Donnell <daniel.odonnell_at_uleth.ca>
         Subject: cfp: Digital Sessions at Kalamazoo 2006

The Digital Medievalist project invites submissions for two sessions at
the 2006 International Congress on Medievalist Studies in Kalamazoo:

Digital publication (Digital medievalist)
        * Paper and/or abstract submissions are invited on the topic of
          digital publication. We are looking in particular for discussion
          of tools, processes, and/or best practices, but will consider
          other approaches to the topic (e.g. the economics of running a
          wiki or commons?).

What every digital medievalist should know (Digital medievalist)
        * Paper and/or abstract submissions are invited on the topic of
          basic skills and training for digital projects in medieval
          studies. What should medievalists know before they begin a new
          project? How can they find out

   (see also

Proposals should be submitted by email before September 15th to
daniel.odonnell_at_uleth.ca or digitalmedievalist_at_uleth.ca. Please use a
clear subject line in your email.

Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Director, Digital Medievalist Project
University of Lethbridge
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