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Dear Humanists,

A new issue of Human IT is now available at=20
<http://www.hb.se/bhs/ith/1-8/>. Most of the=20
articles are in Scandinavian languages (with=20
English abstracts), but Daniel Paul O'Donnell's=20
reflections on digital editions may be of=20
particular interest to readers of the Humanist list.

Contents (all available free of charge):
* Mats B. Andersson
Frekventa anv=E4ndares bruk och uppfattning av webben
[Frequent Users' Use and Perception of the Web]
* Daniel Paul O'Donnell
The Ghost in the Machine: Revisiting an Old Model=20
for the Dynamic Generation of Digital Editions
* Anne Charlotte Torvatn
Digitale l=E6remidler - en hjelp for minoritetsspr=E5klige elever?
[Digital Textbooks - A Help for Minority Language Students?]
* Mikael Wiberg
Det framv=E4xande interaktionssamh=E4llet: En f=F6r=E4ndrad tid och plats
[The Emerging Interaction Society: A Changed Time and Place]

Human IT is a multidisciplinary, refereed journal=20
aiming to present research and discussion on=20
digital media as communicative, aesthetic, and ludic instruments.

Kind regards,
Helena Francke

Helena Francke
editor Human IT
Swedish School of Library and Information Science
University College of Bor=E5s / G=F6teborg University
SE-501 90 Bor=E5s, Sweden

e-mail helena.francke_at_hb.se
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