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i-C&P 2006 quick link

COMPUTERS & PHILOSOPHY, an International Conference

Le Mans University, Laval, France, 3-5 May, 2006

Chair: C.T.A. SCHMIDT Colin.Schmidt_at_univ-lemans.fr e-mail



IMPORTANT DATES (check conference url for up-to-date information)

Friday November 18 th 2005 Submission deadline for extended abstracts (1000

3-5 May 2006, Conference in Laval France


From Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th May 2006 The International Conference on
COMPUTERS & PHILOSOPHY will be held at Le Mans University in Laval (near
Rennes, France).

Overview: Those interested in the study of philosophical problems and
related technological applications are encouraged to participate.
Philosophical, epistemological, theological and anthropological stances on
the construction and use of machines are of relevance to the conference.

Within the framework of the programme, we are looking forward to the
contributions of some eminent thinkers:

USA Daniel DENNETT, Philosophy, Tufts

USA Rodney BROOKS, Robotics, MIT

Italy Lorenzo MAGNANI, Logic & Philosophy, Pavia

UK Margaret BODEN, Art. Intelligence, Cognitive Sc. & Philosophy, Sussex

Canada Daniel VANDERVEKEN, Logic & Language, UQTR

Thailand Darryl MACER, UNESCO Reg. Adviser for Soc.& Human Sc. in

UK Noel SHARKEY, Computation & Robotics, Sheffield

Please see web site for full details; programme, topics, accommodation,
registration as well as detailed information on plenary session talks.


In addition to main-stream areas of research -Philosophy of Artificial
Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Cognitive Science, Computer Ethics- we
are looking for cross-cultural studies on the place of machines in society,
as well as the following:

1. Evolution & Technologies

  a.. Evolutionary Computation and Evolutionary Language Development
  b.. Information Systems and the Philosophy of Design
  c.. Biologically-Incorporated Intelligence; the Use of Organic Components
for Robotics
  d.. Bio-computation, Bio-Robotics, Artificial Life & Meaning
  e.. Robotics (Humanoid, Cognitive, Epigenetic, "Autonomous", Service,
  f.. Humanoid Hosts and Guides for Museums, Galleries and Virtual Reality
2. Pragmatics & Comp. Linguistics

  a.. Speech Acts and the Limits of Machine-embedded Use of Dialogue
  b.. Obstacles to Parsing (Accents, Intonations, Emotional States, etc.)
  c.. Relations, Reference and Communicability
  d.. Artificial Affectivity in (non-)Dialogical Settings
  e.. All Language, Meaning and Dialogue Issues
3. Minds and Intentionality

  a.. Evocative Objects and Presumed Intelligence
  a.. Personification of Artefacts
  b.. Other Minds Theories and Simulating Co-intentionality
  c.. The Mind/Body Problem in Cognitive Science
  d.. European Versions (and Anti-theses) of the Intentional Stance
4. Culture & Adaptability

  a.. All Anthropological Views on Computers and Robots
  b.. Context-embedded Computer Learning
  c.. In-class Robotic Teachers, Vulgarisation and (non-)Acceptance Issues
  d.. The Pros and Cons of Computer-Mediated Communication & Learning
  e.. Virtual Reality & Digitally-supported Personalities
  f.. Post-modernism and Fiction related to Machines and Individuals
5. History, Ethics & Theology

  a.. Issues arising from the Automation of Thought
  b.. Designing Users' Beliefs, Beliefs Designing Machines, Religious
  c.. Robo-Ethics, Moral Agents, Spirituality of Machines, Technological
  d.. The Impacts of Intelligent Computers and Robotics on Society
throughout History
  e.. Cognitive Epistemology or Science as Applied Technology


  a.. Transdisciplinary attempts to link Philosophy, Computing and/or
cf. full scientific programme and printable version of the Call for Papers
at quick link

For further information about the conference, please consult the i-C&P 2006
website or contact the Chair for the complete version of the Call for Papers
and related information.


Laval is known to be a city of character for its history, art and culture.
Located on the Mayenne River in beautiful Western France (see film at
wpublication ), it offers all the amenities of a large city while
maintaining a small town feel.

General Chair: Colin T. Schmidt, Communication, Philosophy & Cognition, Le
Mans University, France

Local Organisations Chair: Xavier Dubourg, Computer Science & Learning, Le
Mans University & Director of the Laval Technological Institute, France

Honorary Chair: Francis Jacques, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Sorbonne
University, France

Varol Akman, Philosophy and Computer Science, Bilkent University, Turkey

Jean Caelen, Cognition and Interaction, CNRS/Grenoble University, France

Raja Chatila, Robotics, CNRS/Toulouse University, France

Nathalie Colineau, Language & Multi-modality, CSIRO, Australia

Roberto Cordeschi, Computation & Communication, Salerno University, Italy

Liu Gang, Information & Philosophy, Inst. of Philosophy, Chinese Acad. of
Soc. Sciences, China

Deborah G. Johnson, Technology and Ethics, University of Virginia, USA

Fr=E9d=E9ric Kaplan, Artificial Intelligence, SONY CSL =AD Paris

Nik Kasabov, Computer and Information Sciences, Auckland University, New

Oussama Khatib, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University, USA

Boicho Kokinov, Cognitive Science, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Felicitas Kraemer, Philosophy & Intentionality, Bielefeld University,

Jean Lass=E8gue, Philosophy, CNRS/Ecole Normale Sup=E9rieur Paris, France

Ping Li, Cognitive Science & Philosophy of Science, Sun Yat-sen University,

Daniel Luzzati, Linguistics, Le Mans University, France

M.C. Manes Gallo, Info. & Communication Sciences, Bordeaux University,

Anne Nicolle, Computer Science & Interdisciplinarity, CNRS/University of
Caen, France

Teresa Numerico, Communication, Salerno University, Italy

James Moor, Philosophy, Dartmouth College, USA

Bernard Moulin, Computer Science, Laval University, Canada

Denis Vernant, Logic & Philosophy, Grenoble University, France

Ming Xie, Robotics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


E-mail: e-mail

Tel +33 2 43 59 49 20


Dr. Colin Schmidt (Chair)

Computers & Philosophy, an International Conference

i-C&P 2006

Computer Science Laboratory LIUM CNRS FRE 2730 Le Mans University


Phone: +33 2 43 59 49 25

Fax: +33 2 43 59 49 28

E-mail: Colin.Schmidt_at_lium.univ-lemans.fr
Conference: quick link
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