19.301 Contemplation and time to think?

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         Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 06:56:21 +0100
         From: Adam Newcombe <a.newcombe_at_ecu.edu.au>
         Subject: Contemplation and time to think

Hi there,

I have seldom submitted to the group but I read, with daily anticipation,
the discussions every day. I'm about to give a paper on some ideas
concerning the gross lack of contemplative learning time in undergraduate
degree courses. My own field is design and communications, I was wondering
whether anybody has some thoughts on this neglected field of human
existence. The contemplative nature of problem solving and the skill of
observation are decreasing in our school children. Digital communication
systems and computer use in general are at the forefront of this situation.
I wonder whether anybody out there has done any statistical work in this
area or if anybody finds this an interesting area of exploration

Adam Newcombe B.DS(hons) GC of HE
Senior Lecturer
Coordinator Graphics and Design
School of Contemporary Arts
Edith Cowan University
ph: 08 9370 6605
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