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Frankfurt BookFair 2005

One year might seem like no time, but in the year=20
that passed since the last book fair there has=20
been plenty of development at the Central and=20
Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.).

The library now offers more than 200 full text=20
humanities and social science periodicals from=20
Central and Eastern Europe, accessible via=20
in digital format, and it can be used by=20
individual clients registering for a personal=20
user account, and as well as by universities,=20
public libraries, NGOs, by subscription access.

This year, C.E.E.O.L. is proud to have added 35=20
new publications, especially on politics,=20
sociology, and history topics (please find the list below).

We would be most happy to welcome you at the=20
C.E.E.O.L. stand at this year's Frankfurt Book=20
Fair (19-23 October - Hall 5.0 stand C 903), to=20
talk to you about our online library in more=20
detail, and of course we invite you to visit=20
at any time.

With our best regards,

Cosmina Berta
Bea Klotz
Wolfgang Klotz
C.E.E.O.L. - Questa.Soft GmbH
Offenbacher Landstrasse 368
60599 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel: 00 49 69 686025 0
Fax: 00 49 69 65009682

Philology / Linguistic
. Eesti Rakenduslingvistika =DChingu aastaraamat.=20
Papers in Applied Linguistics - Estonian=20
Association for Applied Linguistics, Estonia;

. Ethnologia Balkanica - Waxmann Verlag u.=20
Institut f=FCr Volkskunde der Uni M=FCnchen, Germany;
. ANTAE. News bulletin on archaeology, art,=20
cultural anthropology - Viche, Ukraine;

Culture and Society
. The Hungarian Quarterly - Society of the Hungarian Quarterly, Hungary;
. Culturology - Philosophy and Art Reseach Institute, Vilnius , Lithuania;
. deScripto - South East Europe Media Organisation, Austria;

. Ekonomicky Casopis - Academy of Sciences, Slovakia;

. Aukstjo mokslo kokybe - Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas, Lithuania;

Gender Studies
. Gender rovn=E9 pr=EDlezitosti v=FDzkum - Institute of=20
Sociology - Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic;
. Gender Studies - University of Timisoara, Romania;

. Istorija 20. Veka - Institute of Contemporary History, Serbia and=
. Remembrance and Justice - Institute of National Remembrance, Poland;
. Historia - Babes Bolyai University Cluj, Romania;
. Biuletyn Instytutu Pamieci Narodowej -=20
Institute of National Remembrance, Poland;

History of Literature
. Senoji Lietuvos literatura - Institute of=20
Lithuanian Literature and Folklore Vilnius, Lithuania;

Judaic Studies
. Kwartalnik Historii Zydow - Jewish Historical Institute Warszawa, Poland;

. The Slovak Review - Academy of Sciences, Slovakia;
. Teksty Drugie - Institute of Literary Research,=20
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland;
. Pamietnik literackie - Institute of Literary=20
Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland;

. Filologija - Siauliai University , Humanitarinis fakultetas, Lithuania;
. Keel ja Kirjandus - SA Kultuurileht Tallinn, Estonia;

. Religiski-filozofiski raksti - Society of=20
Philosophy and Religion , University of Latvia, Latvia;

Politics/Policy studies
. European Integration Studies - University of=20
Miskolc, Centre for European Studies, Hungary;
. International Issues - Research Center of the=20
Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovak republic;
. EuroJournal.org - Journal of Foreign Policy of Moldova, EuroJournal,=
. Polski Przeglad Dyplomatyczny - Polish=20
Institute of international Affairs, Poland;
. S=FCdosteuropa Mitteilungen - S=FCdosteuropa Gesellschaft, Germany;

. Sociologija Mintis ir Veiksmas - University Klaipeda, Lithuania;
. Studia Socjologiczne - Institute of Philosophy=20
and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland;
. Polish Sociological Review - Polish Sociological Association , Poland;
. Population - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria;
. Regio - Hungarian edition -Teleki Laszl=F3 Institute, Hungary;
. Pedagogika - Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania;
. Rodina a pr=E1ca -Centre for Work and Family Studies, Slovakia;
. ASK. Society. Research. Methods - Institute of=20
Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland;

Slavic Studies
. Slavia Meridionalis - Institute of Slavonic=20
Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

. Kwartalnik Filmowy - Academy of Sciences, Poland;

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Me>here if you do not want to get information=20
about the Central and Eastern European Online Library in the future.
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