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         Subject: Job at Stanford

Stanford University's Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
(DLCL) in conjunction with Academic Computing is currently seeking to hire
an Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) to assist faculty and staff within
the DLCL in basic tutorial and advanced development activities in the use of
technology resources.

The ATS will devise and develop technological solutions for academic needs,
including researching and implementing data collection, qualitative and
quantitative analysis tools to support research, developing web-based
programs and databases for teaching and research, and teaching faculty and
staff how to best employ technical resources.

The ATS will also devote up to 8 hours/week assisting the broader academic
community in using technology relevant to education within the humanities.

Candidates should have a Bachelor's degree in one of the fields served by
the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages plus 3+ years'
experience in academic computing and/or technology project management or

Excellent teaching, communication, interpersonal, and time/project
management skills required. Experience teaching technology skills and the
ability to apply technology in support of teaching and research in the
humanities are essential. Additionally, candidates should be familiar with
applications, resources, and techniques used in humanities teaching and
research and have experience utilizing computing resources in a humanities

Candidates should possess expert knowledge of Mac and PC operating systems
as well as facility with UNIX and experience developing web resources.

Experience with database applications, digital imaging, multimedia
production or specific knowledge of a programming/scripting language are
also desirable.

Review of Applications will begin on October 31st .

For information on how to apply, please see complete position description
at: http://www.stanford.edu/~mjockers/acomp/ATS_DLCL.html

For more on the ATS Program AT Stanford see:

For more on the DLCL see: http://dlcl.stanford.edu/
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