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         From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
         Subject: JODI Call for Papers: Personalisation of Computing & Services

Journal of Digital Information

Call for Papers
Special Issue on:
Personalisation of Computing & Services

Submission deadline: 22nd October, 2005
Publication Date: February 2006

Submissions are sought for a special edition for the Hypermedia
Systems theme of JoDI on Personalisation of Computing & Services.

With the creation and expansion of adaptive computing services, there
is now the capability to match a user's expectations. Modern users
demand services that are relevant to their personal needs - be they
the needs of a consumer, an educator, or even just enhancing a simple
web enquiry. Any such service will have a multitude of requirements:
how are they authored; how do they interoperate; what data should be
gathered and how & when should it be used; and how we represent a
'personal Web' of data and services? Of course personalised computing
is about much more than the World Wide Web; for example with
ubiquitous and pervasive computing just around the corner, the
requirement for an appropriate and user determined service that is
mobile and international is made manifest. This special issue will
describe and detail the leading research that addresses the
fundamental issues in personalised computing services.

Papers should present original work, which has not been published or
being reviewed for other journals & conferences. Papers should be
written in English.

This special issue is interested in the Modelling, Implementation &
Evaluation of the following topics:

- Applications: especially in the areas of e-learning, e-health,
e-commerce and digital libraries
- Personalised Web Services
- Adaptive/dynamic authoring
- Personalisation and visualisation of user interfaces

- Standards for personalisation
- Extraction and application of metadata for personalisation

- Interoperability between personalised systems
- Evaluation of personalised frameworks & systems
- Personalisation based upon the Semantic Web
- Security and privacy
- International use of personalised systems
- Mobile and ubiquitous computing for the individual

Authors should submit their papers electronically using the
submission form at jodi.tamu.edu. Selecting the title or editor for
this issue from the Theme or Editor drop-down box will alert the
editor to your submission automatically.

Before submitting please take note of the journal's Guidelines for
submission: notes for authors. There is no fixed length for
submissions, but papers should be self-contained. Authors are
encouraged to leverage the online nature of JoDI in developing
submissions that optimally illustrate the issues raised in papers.
Authors who wish to submit a paper with unusual features are
requested to contact the Special issue Editors prior to submission.

All submissions will be subject to peer review. Authors of accepted
papers will be notified in December, 2005 and they will then be able
to modify their papers, with a deadline for the receipt of the final
version of the 22nd December, 2005.

Special Editors:
Alexandra Cristea, Eindhoven University of Technology &
Craig Stewart, University of Nottingham


Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)

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