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   [1] From: ELPUB 2006 <elpub2006_at_elpub.net> (126)
         Subject: ELPUB 2006 - Second Call for Papers

   [2] From: Shuly Wintner <shuly_at_cs.haifa.ac.il> (47)
         Subject: EACL 2006 FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: on-line submission
                 now open!

         Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 08:16:07 +0100
         From: ELPUB 2006 <elpub2006_at_elpub.net>
         Subject: ELPUB 2006 - Second Call for Papers

ELPUB 2006: Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture
10th International Conference on Electronic Publishing
14 to 16 June 2006, Bansko (Bulgaria)

Submission deadline: November 21st 2005

http://www.elpub.net <elpub2006@elpub.net>

The ELPUB 2006 conference will keep the tradition=20
of the nine previous international conferences on=20
electronic publishing, held in the United Kingdom=20
(in 1997 and 2001), Hungary (1998), Sweden=20
(1999), Russia (2000), the Czech Republic (2002),=20
Portugal (2003), Brazil (2004) and Belgium=20
(2005), which is to bring together researchers,=20
lecturers, librarians, developers, businessmen,=20
entrepreneurs, managers, users and all those=20
interested on issues regarding electronic=20
publishing in widely differing contexts. These=20
include the human, cultural, economic, social,=20
technological, legal, commercial and other=20
relevant aspects that such an exciting theme encompasses.

Three distinguished features of this conference=20
are: broad scope of topics which creates a unique=20
atmosphere of active exchange and learning about=20
various aspects of electronic publishing;=20
combination of general and technical tracks; and=20
a condensed procedure of submission, revision and=20
publication of proceedings which guarantees presentations of most recent=

ELPUB 2006 offers a variety of activities, such=20
as workshops, tutorials, panel debates etc. Thus,=20
the conference attendees will benefit from:
   =AD The communication of scientific papers=20
specially prepared for the conference; all papers=20
are to be reviewed and accepted by the international ELPUB Programme=
   =AD Workshops and tutorials that aim to provide=20
opportunity for attendants to update themselves=20
in topics of high interest within this community of experts;
   =AD Plenary sessions that aim to summarise the=20
main ideas presented and discussed during the=20
presentation of the conference papers;
   =AD Panel debates on selected topics; possible=20
topics include news item publishing or new=20
methods, including Open Access, for publishing scientific literature;
   =AD Demonstration sessions and presentation of posters.

   The ELPUB 2006 keynote will be presented by Dan=20
Matei. He is a professional programmer=20
(specialised in information retrieval) and=20
director of CIMEC - Institute for Cultural Memory=20
in Bucharest. His interests in data models for=20
libraries and museums, cataloguing, digital=20
libraries, taxonomies, surrealism,=20
post-minimalist music are well-known will be=20
reflected in the keynote adress: "Worldwide=20
'communitarian' online publishing: An exercise in wishful thinking".

ELPUB 2006 invites contributions for papers,=20
tutorials, workshops, posters and demonstrations on the following topics:


* Publishing models, tools, services and roles
* Digital content chain / publication cycle
* Open Access
* Metadata use and interoperability
* Semantic web
* Multilingual and multimodal interfaces
* Digital libraries for different user communities
* Interactive TV
* Electronic publishing for impaired users
* Security, privacy and copyright issues
* Digital preservation and access
* Electronic publishing in eLearning applications
* Economic dimensions of electronic publishing


* XML applications
* Metadata encoding process (OAI-PMH, RDF, etc.)
* Open source tools
* Content search, analysis and retrieval
* Interoperability and scalability
* Textual and graphical information sources (SVG)
* Ontologies and classification
* Electronic publishing for mobile services
* Security, preservation, quality assurance
* Recommendations, guidelines, standards

Please, note that the list of topics is not=20
exhaustive. Therefore, submissions on any topic=20
within the overall conference theme will be considered.
   Contributions are invited for the following categories:
   =AD Single papers (abstract max of 1500 words)
   =AD Tutorial (abstract max of 1500 words)
   =AD Workshop (abstract max of 1500 words)
   =AD Poster (abstract max of 500 words)
   =AD Demonstration (abstract max of 500 words)
Deadlines for submission in all categories: November 21st 2005

Abstracts must be submitted following the=20
instructions on the conference website=20
(http://www.elpub.net). The Programme Committee=20
will notify the authors of the acceptance of=20
submitted papers by January 15, 2006. Authors=20
then will have to submit their full papers by=20
March 1st, 2006, following specific instructions.=20
The conference proceedings will be published as a=20
book by the International Journal 'Information=20
Theories and Applications'. Selected papers will=20
be published in the journal. Posters (total=20
surface app. 1m2) and demonstration materials=20
must be brought by their authors at the=20
conference time and only abstracts will be=20
published in the conference proceedings.=20
Workshops and tutorials proposals will be=20
discussed with submitters in due course.

Specialists from Albania, Belorus, Bosnia and=20
Herzegovina, FYROM, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and=20
Montenegro, and Ukraine who are interested to=20
attend the conference are encouraged to send a=20
note to Milena Dobreva (dobreva_at_math.bas.bg). The=20
organisers are applying for grants for participants from the listed=

Electronic versions of the contributions will be archived at:

Conference Location: A scenic resort in the Pirin=20
Mountain area, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Conference Host: Institute of Mathematics and=20
Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

General Chair: Milena Dobreva, Institute for=20
Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia, Bulgaria

Programme Chair: Bob Martens, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna,=

         Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 08:17:37 +0100
         From: Shuly Wintner <shuly_at_cs.haifa.ac.il>
         Subject: EACL 2006 FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: on-line submission now open!

                     EACL 2006 FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

        11th Meeting of the European Chapter of the Association for
                         Computational Linguistics

                            April 3rd - 7th 2006
                               Trento, Italy


             * * * Submission deadline: November 8, 2005 * * *
      * * * On-line submission now open at http://eacl06.itc.it/ * * *

The European Association of Computational Linguistics invites the
submission of papers for its 11th Meeting. Papers are invited on
substantial, original, and unpublished research on all aspects of
computational linguistics, including, but not limited to:

- phonetics, phonology and morphology;
- word segmentation, tagging and chunking;
- syntax, semantics and grammars;
- pragmatics, discourse and dialogue;
- the lexicon and ontologies;
- parsing and grammatical formalisms;
- generation, text planning and summarization;
- language modeling, spoken language recognition and understanding;
- mathematical models of language;
- information retrieval, text categorisation, question answering, and
information extraction;
- paraphrasing and textual entailment;
- machine learning for natural language;
- multi-lingual processing, machine translation and translation aids;
- multi-modal and natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
- language-oriented applications, tools and resources;
- evaluation methodology.


Papers should describe original work; they should emphasize completed
work rather than intended work, and should indicate clearly the state
of completion of the reported results. Wherever appropriate, concrete
evaluation results should be included. Submissions will be judged on
correctness, originality, technical strength, significance and
relevance to the conference, and interest to the attendees.

A paper accepted for presentation at the EACL Meeting, including
EACL-related workshops, cannot be presented or have been presented at
any other meeting with publicly available published proceedings.
Papers that are being submitted to other conferences or workshops must
indicate this on the submission page.


The reviewing of the papers will be blind. Reviewing will be managed
by an international Conference Program Committee consisting of Area
Chairs and a team of reviewers. Final decisions on the technical
program will be made by the Conference Program Committee.

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