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         From: "Alan Liu" <ayliu_at_english.ucsb.edu>
         Subject: The Arnhold Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early Modern
Literature and Media Technology

~~~ Announcing the UCSB Arnhold Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early Modern
Literature and Media Technology ~~~

The UC Santa Barbara English Department invites applications for the Arnhold
Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship. This fellowship has a term of one year, but
may be renewable for a second year. The fellowship offers recent recipients
of the Ph.D. (awarded between January 1, 2003, and June 30, 2006) a unique
opportunity to develop their research and teaching interests within the UCSB
Early Modern Center; the UCSB Transcriptions Center for literature and the
culture of information; and the UC system-wide Transliteracies Project on
the technological, social, and cultural practices of online reading.

The fellowship is designed to attract a scholar who is not currently in a
tenure track position and who works in some area of British literature
1500-1800 and directly addresses the material, technological, social, or
aesthetic dimensions of literature as media. The Fellow's research, for
instance, might be related to such current fields as "history of the book,"
"media archaeology", or the technology of literature. We welcome candidates
who have an interest in the relation between early media and contemporary
digital new media supported by familiarity with some branch of digital media
practice, and who also contribute to the diversity and excellence of the
academic community through research, teaching and service.

The Fellow will participate in the research programs mentioned above; teach
four courses, at least one of which would be a graduate research colloquium
related to the fellow's research project. The position requires full-time
residence at UCSB during fall, winter, and spring quarters of the academic
year. Compensation includes a salary of $45,000, plus an annual research
fund of $3,000. The Fellow will have full access to the Early Modern Center
and Transcriptions computing labs; access to the Department's web and
database servers and technical support.

More information about the English Department, Early Modern Center,
Transcriptions Center, and Transliteracies Project may be found at
<http://www.english.ucsb.edu/> <http://emc.english.ucsb.edu>,
<http://transcriptions.english.ucsb.edu>, and

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their application materials. We
will be interviewing for this fellowship at the MLA convention. Receipt of
all applications will be acknowledged. This UC position carries the title
of "Postdoctoral Scholar". The University of California is an EO/AA

To assure consideration, please mail the following in hard copy by November
18, 2005 to:

Professors Patricia Fumerton and Alan Liu,
Co-Chairs, Postdoctoral Fellowship Search Committee
Department of English
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3170

1. Letter of application (with full contact information)
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Dissertation abstract (up to three pages)
4. Sample of written work (in hard copy; no longer than 35 pages total)
5. Optional: a sample of any digital or media work, in the form of
print-outs of selected pages plus URL or CD-ROM
6. At least three letters of recommendation
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