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         Subject: JoDI Volume 6 Issue 2 Released

Welcome to JoDI Volume 6 Issue 2. [See http://jodi.tamu.edu/.] This
issue signals a landmark in JoDI's history since it is the first to
be published on its new host at Texas A&M University. Founding Editor
John Leggett has assembled a team that includes:

      * Scott Phillips as the Web Development Editor,
      * Cody Green as Lead Web Developer,
      * Adam Mikeal as Work Flow Specialist,
      * Brian Surratt as Metadata Specialist, and
      * Alexey Maslov as Web Developer.

Of course, in welcoming you to TAMU we must also say an enormous
'Thank you' to the team at Southampton University where JoDI was
hosted from its inception through to V.6(1). Hugh Davis played an
important part in JoDI's early days, but it is Steve Hitchcock and
Steve Harris who have nurtured the journal and helped it grow to its
current position, under the benevolent eye of Founding Editor Wendy
Hall. Without the work of the Southampton team and without Wendy's
vision, JoDI would not exist.

We must also gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the British
Computer Society and Oxford University Press who, through the
mechanism of the joint venture company Itext, funded us during the
Southampton years.

JoDI is an evolving entity which has changed considerably since its
beginning. We look forward to continuing this development as the new
team brings fresh ideas and as the themes continue to evolve.

Cliff McKnight
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