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         Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 07:58:43 +0100
         From: Joseph Jones <jjones_at_INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA>
         Subject: ink on paper

Charles Faulhaber wrote in part:

     At present, the only way we can hope to archive this information
     [writers' emails] is to print it out on bond paper and even then
     we don't know how long the toner will adhere to the paper.

I see an even larger problem. Aren't print-on-demand books some
version of toner on paper? How much better is that than a good
laser printer? How good is ink sprayed on paper, or ink transferred
through a photographic offset plate? In a culture that is not
expecting new buildings to last, what are the expectations for ink
remaining on paper (even if an infinity symbol assures the quality
of the paper)?

Joseph Jones
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