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Dear humanists,

It is with sadness that I note that Paul Fortier passed away on
October 15th. The following is a note I got from his sister.

Paul Anthony Fortier (b. 1939) died on October 15, 2005 surrounded by
the love of his wife Penny Gilbert, and of his four children Rose,
Luc, Marc, and Jacques Fortier.
The author of several books and many conference papers, he was most
proud of being awarded the honour of University Distinguished
Professor by the University of Manitoba in 1993. He taught in the
Department of French, Spanish and Italian at the University of
Manitoba, since 1979 at the rank of Professor; he was also very
active in the Faculty Association. Over the years he worked on the
executive of a number of societies studying computing and the
humanities. At the time of his death he was director of the Centre
for the Study of Aging, based at St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba.


Geoffrey Rockwell
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