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         Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 08:39:03 +0100
         From: Simon Harper <simon.harper_at_MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
         Subject: ACM Computing Reviews

ACM Computing Reviews is looking to expand its coverage of current
computing literature. Having published reviews by area experts for over
40 years, Computing Reviews was launched online in 2001 when the ACM
partnered with Reviews.com. The online edition now publishes new reviews daily,
and we would like to see the hypertext/hypermedia area receive greater

Could you help us? Reviewers make a significant contribution to the
computing community by applying their expertise in writing informed critiques.
With Computing Reviews' readership growing worldwide, we want to make sure that
developments in all areas of computing are represented.

Apply to become a reviewer for Computing Reviews. A collaboration
between the ACM and Reviews.com, Computing Reviews publishes reviews by
area experts in monthly issues and daily online. As a reviewer, you will
make a significant contribution to the computing community by using
your expertise in writing informed critiques of current computing
literature. To apply to become a reviewer, go to
http://www.reviews.com/reviewer, then click on Become a Reviewer.

Carol Wierzbicki
Executive Editor

Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)

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