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         From: "Bala Pillai" <bala_at_apic.net>
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I find Wikipedia, and more precisely the open self-correcting flowing
foundation that Wikipedia sits upon so valuable, that I am using its newest
branch, Wikiversity to create a new convergent meta-university in Asia. As a
contiguous and sub-ecosystem within the ecosystem that EBay's head, Meg
Whitman talks about at

The university's aim is to recreate and reconnect the mental soil for
quantum inventiveness in Asia.

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikiversity

Asia minus Japan has not produced a single quantum invention [1] since 1400
AD when before that it was responsible for nearly all of them. This big
picture fact and its strategy implications don't seem to feature in
empiricism-obsessed Asian academics in Asia and elsewhere. The Wikipedia way
is better. It is the ultra-adaptive entrepreneurial and revolutionary edges
of society where sense-making is born and reinvented.

[1] Quantum invention = significant leaps in orders of problem solving from
cave-man days to now eg taming of fire, domestication of rice, discovery of
language, invention of wheel, paper, gunpowder, cars, computers, Internet

Bala Pillai bala_at_apic.net
Sydney, Australia
Knowledge Economy Brands-in-the-making (since 1995)
Knowledge Management + Social Networks + Citizen Journalism + Complementary
Roadmap: http://www.malaysia.net/bala-interview Profile/Vision:
http://www.malaysia.net http://www.tamil.net http://www.singapore.net
http://www.indonesia.net http://www.teleindia.com (soon)
Ph: +61 2 9807 8589 IM (Yahoo/MSN): bala2pillai

Some people make the world happen, more watch the world happen, most wonder
what happened.
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