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The recent thread on the ever surfacing theme of collegiality is worth
linking to the question of the social practices of contemplation that has
enjoyed a lively run...

Michale Joyce in May 2004 gave some remarks as part of a panel at the
University of Washington conference on "Information, Silence, and
Sanctuary". In July 2005 they appeared on the WWW. I quote the following
from his Coleridge-inspired meditations on interspace:

[...] I more than ever believe that there is an increasingly compelling
value in distance, silence, uncertainty, and deliberation. The shared care
of the commonly-valued unknowing -- the interspace which constitutes the
agenda of an art form, an academic discipline, a spiritual practice, or
democratic citizenship -- offers not just commodity but comity. The
latter, old-fashioned word for an atmosphere of social harmony has in its
legal and policy meanings a sense of making space for the decisions and
actions of another jurisdiction or nation. In a mediatized and
multidisciplinary world, a space of comity, the constant readjustments,
accommodations, and affordances, the measured motion among several
interests, is invaluable. </quote>

Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large

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