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This is a bit orthogonal to the Wiki thread. It matters little how many
reference works one consults. For example I found myself wondering how
would a reference work could lead to an access point for a data set, gor
example what are the sociological conditions that would support making
available the indicaters for population change for the cities, towns, and
countries listed in some geopedia. The point I am making is that time
series allows one to really cook.

Gay Allison, Canadian poet says it perhaps in a very computational fashion
when in "The Joy of Cooking" she writes "I have gathered all the recipes /
of the world in my kitchen / 500 casseroles / exotic curries from India /
French fantasies for pleasure / and a diet cookbook from _Chatelaine_ /
[...] What I really need now / is a stove." From the collection _Life:
Still_ (1981).

Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large

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