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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 6, Issue 41
(November 9-15, 2005)


Neumont University co-founder and CEO Scott McKinley says the most
innovative aspect of the Neumont curriculum is its focus on student
projects: "Our freshmen are on project teams from the very beginning. Their
first projects are simple, heavily scaffolded, and commensurate with their
novice skills. By the time they enter their last three quarters, they're
working on real industry projects for serious names that work with us,
including IBM and Microsoft. Overall about 70 percent of our curriculum
involves students being mentored on real projects." One enthusiastic admirer
of the Neumont approach is ACM past president Peter Denning, who says:
"Given that all universities are struggling with declining enrollments, and
a total crash in enrollments of women, while Neumont is heading upward, it
may be that they have found a business model that is appealing to some of
those students who won't go to a regular CS department."
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