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         Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 09:32:55 +0000
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A recent advertising message has informed me that if I am "an
engineering major forced to write a term paper for a miserable
Western Lit class" I can have "Hollywood screenplay experts edit your
papers" for $5 (U.S.)/page. A free T-shirt is offered to the first 50
students who sign up. I'm referred to www.sunscript.com. That page
says nothing about the service to students, only to screenwriting
hopefuls, but /services.html outlines the College Student Editorial
Services: "This service corrects spelling, punctuation and
capitalization as well as basic grammar. This service is for students
who need an editor to check over their work, but who do not want
their work fully restructured."

So, watch out for those riveting essays with high-speed car chases,
steamy bedroom scenes &c.

But what about the Western Lit major who has to do a miserable
engineering project?


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