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Artifact - a new journal from Routledge

Artifact is a new international, peer-reviewed academic journal
treating the impact of computerization on design.


The computer has had a profound impact on the look, feel, and
function of our everyday world. As a tool, the computer has
become indispensable for the design professional, profoundly
changing the design process. As a design material, the computer
is extremely versatile, enabling intelligent objects and processes.
As a medium, the computer transforms our understanding and stores
our experiences. The combined impact of these forces is changing
the relations between humans and our technology in unprecedented

Artifact does not draw an artificial line of demarcation between
the virtual and the physical. It strives to illuminate the problems
and possibilities in their interaction. The journal does not frame
digital design as a design discipline such as industrial design or
graphic communication. The unique role of the computer as tool,
material, and medium, makes digital design an integrated element
of almost any design project today, with designers in all fields
and disciplines using digital design in some way.

Artifact assumes an open position. The journal strives to promote
transdisciplinary design research. It will not create or maintain
disciplinary boundaries. Rather, Artifact will encourage cross-
fertilization, interconnections, and crossbreeding among different
scientific disciplines, the design industry, and the arts.


The journal appears in both a print version and a digital version.
The journal is published using a 'Web first' concept. Each issue
is first published on the web. The year's issues are gathered
together into a full paper volume published at the end of the year.
In some cases, web technology will mean that the web version
supports special interactive features and links that can only
appear in the print volume as illustrations and references.


We welcome contributions which seek to understand and reflect the
different aspects and impacts of virtuality within the field of
design from theoretical or applied perspectives. Artifact brings
contributions in the form of academic articles, book reviews,
design case post mortems, and design company profiles.

To point to possible directions, we have selected themes for the
first four issues of Artifact:

- Volume 1, issue 1: What is an artifact?

- Volume 1, issue 2: Soft artifacts. Tracing 'soft movements'
in several creative domains, notably architecture and
digital film.

- Volume 1, issue 3: The third place? The ontological status
of objects and events in computer games.

- Volume 1, issue 4: Digital design processes. What impact
has digital technology had on the design process?

The themes are not meant to be exhaustive. We hope they will
trigger ideas and encourage submissions from a range of

Deadline for the first issue of Artifact is 18 November. Articles
will be published 1 March 2006. However, contributions addressing
the theme of the first issue may be published on-line at a later
date and appear in the print volume.

Please send submissions and queries by e-mail to Ida Engholm at


or to Charlie Breindahl at


Articles should be sent as attachments in Microsoft Word .doc format
or as PDF files. Please send articles with a cover letter containing
full author information. Articles should be prepared for double-
blind review using anonymous format and full references in APA
style. In addition, we welcome suggestions for design case post
mortems, book reviews and designer profiles.


Charlie Breindahl
External Lecturer
University of Copenhagen + IT University of Copenhagen

Ida Engholm
Associate Professor
Center for Design Research
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Judith Gregory
Faculty of Design
Institute of Design
Illinois Institute of Technology

Erik Stolterman
Director, Human-Computer Interaction Design
Professor of Informatics
Indiana University School of Informatics


Thomas Binder
Center for Design Research
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Jeanette Blomberg
Director of Experience Modelling
Professor of Human Work Science
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby

David Durling
Professor of Design
Director of the Advanced Research Institute
Middlesex University

Lars Dybdahl
Associate Professor
The Department of Art History
University of Copenhagen

Pelle Ehn
School of Arts and Communication
Malm=F6 University

Ken Friedman
Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design
Norwegian School of Management and Denmark's Design School
Norway and Denmark

Susan M. Hagan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Carnegie Mellon University

Marius Hartmann, Ph.D.
Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Steve Jones
Professor and Head
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago

Klaus Krippendorff
Gregory Bateson Term Professor
University of Pennsylvania

Lev Manovich
Professor of Visual Arts
University of California, San Diego +
Director, Lab for Cultural Analysis
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Bonnie Nardi
Associate Professor
School of Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine

Jannie Nielsen
Department of Informatics
Copenhagen Business School

Christiane Paul
New Media Curator
Whitney Museum of American Art
New York

Martin Pingel
Technological Coordinator
Denmark's Design School

Sharon Poggenpohl
Institute of Design
Illinois Institute of Technology

Johan Redstr=F6m
Research Director, studio Design G=F6teborg
Interactive Institute

Michael Schmidt
Createch Director
k10k and Cuban Council

Lisbeth Thorlacius
Associate Professor
Department of Communication, Journalism, and Computer Science
Roskilde University

Wendy Siuyi Wong
Department of Design
Faculty of Fine Arts
York University

Kristoffer =C5berg
Senior Interaction Designer
Sony Ericsson

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