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COMPUTERS & PHILOSOPHY, an International Conference

Le Mans University, Laval, France, 3-5 May, 2006

Chair: C.T.A. Schmidt

Conference web page: http://www.iut-laval.univ-lemans.fr/i-CaP_2006/

IMPORTANT DATES (check conference url for up-to-date information)
Friday November 18 th 2005 Submission deadline for extended abstracts
3-5 May 2006, Conference in Laval France

   From Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th May 2006, COMPUTERS & PHILOSOPHY will
be held in cooperation with the American Association for Artificial
Intelligence at Le Mans University in Laval (near Rennes, France).

Overview: Those interested in the study of philosophical problems and
related technological applications are encouraged to participate.
Philosophical, epistemological, theological and anthropological stances
on the construction and use of machines, computers and Robots are of
relevance to the conference.

Within the framework of the programme, we are looking forward to the
contributions of some eminent thinkers:

FRANCE Francis JACQUES Philosophy, Theology, Litterature, Sorbonne
USA Daniel DENNETT, Philosophy, Tufts
USA Rodney BROOKS, Robotics, MIT
Italy Lorenzo MAGNANI, Epistemology & Philosophy of Science, Pavia
UK Margaret BODEN, Art. Intelligence, Cognitive Sc. &
Philosophy, Sussex
Canada Daniel VANDERVEKEN, Logic & Language, UQTR
Thailand Darryl MACER, UNESCO Reg. Adviser for Soc.& Human Sc. in
UK Noel SHARKEY, Computation & Robotics, Sheffield
FRANCE Denis VERNANT, Logic & Philosophical Pragmatics, Grenoble

The increasing interaction between Philosophy and Computer Science over
the past 40 years has lead to many position-taking stances in theories
of mind, applied machine-embedded intelligence and cultural adaptations
to the onslaught of robots in society. The chair is seeking short
contributions to the body of knowledge within or about the intersection
of the two fields. Is there a proper answer to the question of whether
machines can think? Contemporary thought on computers and Artificial
Intelligence is not the exclusive aim of the conference the birth of
original forms of machine intelligence can inform us about potential
human beliefs and permissibility thresholds with regards to technology
-- i.e. are all communities equally-footed with respect to machines that
speak? The notion of machines that have desires and beliefs, increase
their own learning capabilities, develop bodily functions, play games
with us, help us learn, help children or the ill to express themselves,
care-give the elderly, etc. used to create heated debates. Or do they
still do so? In view of these on-going investigations, comparative
studies and forward-looking accounts are welcome, as well as reports on
innovative uses of knowledge found at the crossroads of philosophy and
intelligent machinery sciences. Breaking news in computer science that
pull the philosopher towards the computationalist point of view on mind
are equally encouraged; and so are proposals that show the limits of
representationalist theories. The main goal of the conference is to spur
on interdisciplinary dialogue between 50-80 engaging intellectuals.
Potential contributors may wish to use the topics listed below for
further inspiration.


In addition to main-stream areas of research =97Philosophy of Artificial
Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Cognitive Science, Computer Ethics=97
we are looking for cross-cultural studies on the place of machines in
society, as well as the following:

1. Evolution & Technologies
* Evolutionary Computation and Evolutionary Language Development
* Information Systems and the Philosophy of Design
* Biologically-Incorporated Intelligence; the Use of Organic Components
for Robotics
* Bio-computation, Bio-Robotics, Artificial Life & Meaning
* Robotics (Humanoid, Cognitive, Epigenetic, "Autonomous", Service, etc.)
* Humanoid Hosts and Guides for Museums, Galleries and Virtual Reality

2. Pragmatics & Comp. Linguistics
* Speech Acts and the Limits of Machine-embedded Use of Dialogue
* Obstacles to Parsing (Accents, Intonations, Emotional States, etc.)
* Relations, Reference and Communicability
* Artificial Affectivity in (non-)Dialogical Settings
* Dialogical Capabilities of Machines & Philosophy of Communication
* All Language, Meaning and Dialogue Issues

3. Minds and Intentionality
* Evocative Objects and Presumed Intelligence
* Personification of Artefacts
* Other Minds Theories and Simulating Co-intentionality
* The Mind/Body Problem in Cognitive Science
* European Versions (and Anti-theses) of the Intentional Stance

4. Culture & Adaptability
* All Anthropological Views on Computers and Robots
* Context-embedded Computer Learning
* In-class Robotic Teachers, Vulgarisation and (non-)Acceptance Issues
* The Pros and Cons of Computer-Mediated Communication & Learning
* Virtual Reality & Digitally-supported Personalities
* Post-modernism and Fiction related to Machines and Individuals

5. History, Ethics & Theology
* Issues arising from the Automation of Thought
* Designing Users' Beliefs, Beliefs Designing Machines, Religious
* Robo-Ethics, Moral Agents, Spirituality of Machines, Technological Souls
* The Impacts of Intelligent Computers and Robotics on Society
throughout History
* Cognitive Epistemology or Science as Applied Technology

6. Other
* Transdisciplinary attempts to link Philosophy, Computing and/or Robotics

Please see web site for full details; programme, topics, accommodation,
registration as well as a colourful poster and detailed information on
plenary session talks.

Conference web page: http://www.iut-laval.univ-lemans.fr/i-CaP_2006/
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