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         Subject: junior research positions 2005-13

3/4 junior research positions may be available in October 2006 in the
Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics at Rovira i Virgili
University (Tarragona, Spain).

The web site of the host institute is:



- Language and automata theory and its applications.
- Biomolecular computing and nanotechnology.
- Bioinformatics.
- Language and speech technologies.
- Formal theories of language acquisition and evolutionary linguistics.
- Computational neuroscience.

Other related fields might still be eligible provided there are
strong enough candidates for them.


- the positions will be filled in under the form of a scholarship
(rather than a work contract),
- Spaniards are not eligible,
- there is no other restriction on nationality, although citizens
from developing countries will be prioritized,
- a PhD degree is not mandatory,
- the main duty of the positions is research,
- some command of Spanish is welcome,
- the scheme is highly competitive.


- candidates born after December 15, 1970,
- having graduated not earlier than October 2003,
- with an excellent CV and potential for leadership,
- having resided in their home country continuously since January 2005,
- duration of the position: October 2006 - September 2008,
- candidates should have the expectation to follow an academic career
in their home country after the period in Spain.


- monthly salary amounting 1,200 euros free of taxes,
- travel grant amounting 500-1,600 euros, depending on the
candidate's country of origin,
- health insurance coverage, not including pharmaceutics.


It will consist of 2 steps:

- a pre-selection based on CV and carried out by the host institute,
- an on-line application (form + CV + research project + letters of
reference), to be assessed externally by the funding agency.


Expressions of interest are welcome until November 25, 2005. They
should contain the researcher's CV and mention "2005-13" in the
subject line. The outcome of the preselection will be reported
immediately after.

Pre-selected candidates will be helped in the application process by
the host institute. The deadline for completing the whole process is
December 15, 2005.


Carlos Martin-Vide
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