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I would like to call your attention to a new graduate student online
journal: gnovis. I am the managing editor and we are soliciting
papers for a special issue on digital humanities, information
architecture and AI in society issues. The journal is peer-reviewed
and hosted at Georgetown University in the program for Communication,
Culture & Technology. It is accessible at
http://gnovis.georgetown.edu. We are currently undergoing a website
redesign, so excuse any intermittent broken links.

We encourage graduate students to submit papers on any Humanist
related topic! Faculty, please encourage your students to submit
papers as well!


Marcus Holmes
Georgetown University
Communication, Culture & Technology
Managing Editor, gnovis

As Georgetown University's peer-reviewed journal of Communication,
Culture and Technology (CCT), gnovis strives to foster innovative
research and design, reward scholarly excellence, and celebrate the
exploration and understanding of technology as it both shapes and is
shaped by political, economic, social, and cultural actors and
institutions. gnovis seeks to place disciplinary paradigms into
dialogue with each other, illuminating the clarity and contradictions
therein and the manner in which they are codified into our social fabric.

Our Work:

The Peer Review: gnovis is a peer-reviewed journal that employs a
double-blind review process. Professors may nominate students' works
that in order to recognize their academic achievement, intellectual
rigor, and innovative transdisciplinary approach to scholarship.
These articles are published as "Feature Articles".

gnovis' Distinguished Peer Reviewers are those CCT students who have
demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and forward-thinking
scholarly work in their own studies, are able to recognize and
discriminate exceptional scholarship produced by their peers, and
show a commitment to furthering the values of CCT-minded scholarship
in both academic and professional endeavors.

The Multimedia Features: Interdisciplinary thought and research does
not occur in a vacuum, nor is it strictly articulated through
academic papers. As an online journal, we have the opportunity to
explore the dialogue between disciplines in new and creative ways.
gnovis Multimedia Feature Articles seek to move classroom learning
off the page, to explore CCT-related themes as they occur in other
academic and professional settings. Feature Articles recognize CCT
student&#146;s ability to extend classroom learning beyond the CCT
boundaries by molding cutting-edge scholarship with multi-media
journalism. Feature Article Writers participating in this initiative
submitted proposals for consideration articulating their unique
approach to developing these themes. Those chosen sought to reach
beyond the format of a traditional printed scholarly journal and
proposed a creative use of text and technology to articulate their theme.
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