19.428 quotation from St Bonaventure's Itinerarium?

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The following quotation is attributed to St Bonaventure, Itinerarium
mentis in Deum, by Richard Kearney, The Wake of Imagination
(Hutchinson, 1988, p. 125):

>The maker plans before making an object, and then he makes the
>object as planned. The maker produces an external work as close to
>the internal similitude as he possibly can; and were he able to
>produce an object that would both love and know him, he would do so
>by all means; and if this produced object were to know its maker, it
>would do so in terms of the similitude from which the artist had
>worked; and if the eyes of knowledge of the produced object were so
>clouded that it could not look up above itself in order to know its
>maker, the similitude from which it had been produced would have to
>come down to the level of a nature which the object could apprehend and know.

Before I go to the Opera omnia and start looking, let me ask if
anyone here recognizes the source. I have already looked through the
Itinerarium online and not found anything like the above.

Many thanks.


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