19.444 portable computing

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         Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 08:42:37 +0000
         From: Hope Greenberg <hope.greenberg_at_uvm.edu>
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Your question about portable computing is most timely. David Pogue
reviews Dialogue's Flybook (DVD-case size, 2.7 pounds) in today's
NYTimes (free subscription required):

Details on the Flybook are at http://flybookstore.com/. In addition
to its size it allows addition of a SIM card so you can go online via
cellular instead of standard WIFI. It's also a tablet, though it
doesn't (yet) run Microsoft's TabletPC operating system.

In that article he also mentions the OQO (http://www.oqo.com/), one
of the earliest micros, which is often paired with a virtual keyboard
(http://www.itechdynamic.com/html/border25.htm) for those who don't
enjoy trying to type on miniscule keypads. I don't know how well a
virtual keyboard would project on the surfaces one would encounter
while hiking(!). Also mentioned is the Fujitsu's Lifebook 1501D, a
more standard micro.

- Hope

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