19.451 relational database and TEI

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Hmmm... this lures me into quoting from Slashdot
(<http://Slashdot.org>Slashdot.org's tagline reads 'News for nerds,
stuff that matters.'):

>Re:XML database
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>by Oscaro (153645) on Wednesday November 23, @08:05AM (#14099406)
>Talking about native XML databases... My company can't find a decent
>one, preferably open source.
>>That's probably because an XML database is NOT a decent idea. XML is NOT
>>meant to be used as a way to store data! Rather, it's a way to
>>communicate data between entities.
>>Sadly, XML is a one of those words that have the magic power to make
>>marketing people happy. So they put it everywhere. If that doesn't work,
>>hey just put more.

I agree. I used both XML- and object-databases. They barely work...
I'd almost say they don't, And they certainly have lousy performance.

Kind regards,
Joris van Zundert

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Another option you may wish to consider for this project is a native
XML database such as eXist
(<http://www.exist-db.org>http://www.exist-db.org ). Given the highly
granular nature of the markup this could be a good fit. With a native
XML database, the XML file is the database record, so you avoid all
the headaches that come with having to 'shred' your data to make it
fit the data-centric model of a relational database system. Just drop
the XML source into the database and it is ready for querying with


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