19.456 philosophy of design

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>This is a research request for articles and books on philosophy of design.

Downton, Peter. Design Research. Melbourne: RMIT Publishing, 2004.
Downton, Peter. Studies in Design Research: Ten Epistemological
Pavilions. Melbourne: RMIT Publishing, 2004.

Anything by Donald Norman, particularly his most recent "Emotional
Design" (I think, haven't read it yet).

Bruce Mau's work, particularly "Massive Change."

Brenda Laurel's recent anthology (generally mediocre but Lisa
Grocott's essay outstanding) "Design Research: Methods and Perspectives."

The Idea of Design, ed Victor Margolin and Richard Buchanan

Rosenberg, Terence. "'the Reservoir': Towards a Poetic Model of
Research in Design." Proceedings of the Research into Practice
Conference: Selected Papers Volume One, 2000. Vol. 1. This uses some
philosophy... (these proceedings are all online, try <URL:
http://www.herts.ac.uk/artdes1/research/papers/wpades/ >

Adrian Miles
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