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Two publication announcements from Interdisciplinary Science Reviews.

(1) The special issue entitled "Digital scholarship, Digital Culture"
(30.2, June 2005) is now available freely online at
http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/isr. This issue contains
the lectures from the series by that name, held at King's College
London, during the 2003-4 academic year.

Stanley N Katz, "Why scholarship matters: the humanities in the
twenty-first century"

Michael S Mahoney, "The histories of computing(s)"

Gordon Graham, "Strange bedfellows? Information systems and the
concept of a library"

Yorick Wilks, "Artificial companions"

Ian Hacking, "The Cartesian vision fulfilled: analogue bodies and
digital minds"

Timothy Murray, "Curatorial in-securities: new media art and
rhizomatic instability"

Jerome McGann, "Culture and technology: the way we live now, what is
to be done?"

(2) The latest issue, ISR 30.4, has just been published. See the
above URL for abstracts of these articles:

ISR Editorial
Cattermole, Howard
pp. 289-290(2)

Various twine
Riordan, Maurice
pp. 291-295(5)

'Curates and bishops': on poetry residencies, radio science and first things
Petrucci, Mario
pp. 296-300(5)

'Cold media': the poetry of science and the science of poetry
Leeder, Karen
pp. 301-311(11)

Flame far too hot: William Empson's non-Euclidean predicament
Price, Katy
pp. 312-322(11)

Fractal poetics: adaptation and complexity
Fulton, Alice
pp. 323-330(8)

Fact and artefact: poetry, science, and a few thoughts on Ian McEwan's Saturday
Rees-Jones, Deryn
pp. 331-340(10)

Emotions and cognitions
Laszlo, Pierre
pp. 341-348(8)

Little Hans Christian and great Hans Christian: the poet and the scientist
Grum-Schwensen, Ane
pp. 349-355(7)

Humphry Davy, the poet
Knight, David
pp. 356-372(17)

Book reviews
pp. 373-379(7)

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