19.461 you get what you pay for?

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         From: Joris van Zundert <joris.van.zundert_at_gmail.com>
         Subject: Re: 19.460 new on WWW: Ubiquity 6.44

> Rob Meyer, CEO of the Numerical Algorithms Group, wants you to be thinking
> clearly when you consider the component approach to development.
> www.acm.org/ubiquity/views/v6i44_meyer.html

Hi all,

Anyone read this? I especially like this one: "The most obvious
problems involve the accuracy and stability of the modified code."
According to Meyer this applies to open source code. If code is
designed by a billion dollar industry giant it's obvious that code is
accurate and stable. That's why Windows never ever crashes, I guess.

I'm happy that Rob straightened me out. Silly me, for thinking open
source software could ever be well programmed. Of course it can't. How
could it be? I never even paid for it!

Joris van Zundert
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