19.466 Teaching the Reading of Texts (Glasgow, 7/12)

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         Subject: Event on the interdisciplinary reading of texts
(Glasgow, 7 December)

Teaching the Reading of Texts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

University of Glasgow, 7 December

You are invited to a free event, organised by the
English Subject Centre in association with the
Subject Centres for History, Classics and
Archaeology and for Philosophical and Religious Studies.

As academics in the Humanities, we spend much of
our time grappling with the meanings of texts
which are often obscure, and, even, downright
difficult. Texts, short and long, in their
original language and in translation, play a
central part in our academic practice -- and in
our teaching practice. How can students, many of
whom have been taught to use books rather than to
read texts, and many of whom will not be devoting
their studies to a single discipline, become
proficient in the interpretation and
understanding of these demanding materials?

Three Humanities Subject Centres will be
organizing a meeting at the University of Glasgow
on Wednesday 7th December to discuss these
issues. The topics to be considered will include
teaching from translations, cross-disciplinary
understanding and how to encourage student
reading. The day will conclude with a round-table discussion.

The meeting will commence at 10.30 for 11.00 and
conclude at 16.00. Refreshments will be
provided. There is no registration fee but you
are asked to confirm your attendance with Marion
Cochrane (m.cochrane_at_arts.gla.ac.uk).

For further information, please contact Marion
Cochrane or Jonathan Gibson (jonathan.gibson_at_rhul.ac.uk).
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