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Research Assistant Post: - Evaluation of Interface Design for Attentive Agents

The Department of Computing, Oxford Brookes University

The Intelligent Systems Research Group in the
Department of Computing at Oxford Brookes
University, has recently been awarded an EU IST
STREP Grant as partners in the EU Project
Atgentive (Attentive Agents for Collaborative Learners)

Atgentive will investigate the use of artificial
agents for supporting the management of the
attention of young or adult learners in the
context of individual and collaborative learning
environments. The agents will be designed,
delivered and piloted as part of two different
learning applications: (1) enhanced eLearning
platform for child education in the Czech
Republic (2) an advanced virtual community
platform supporting knowledge exchange in knowledge
communities in Sweden.

The successful applicant will work closely with
Dr Mary Zajicek to design and manage all aspects
of the evaluation programme for the project.
This work demands innovative evaluation concepts
and methods and therefore provides an ideal
opportunity for the successful applicant to
establish themselves as an expert in the
increasingly important role of systems evaluator
for collaborative learning environments, and gain
experience of attentive agents and software. It
also provides the opportunity to work closely
with researchers from several different computing
disciplines in several different European countries.

The post advertised at
http://www.brookes.ac.uk/vacancy is for 22 months
with salary: Researcher B, from 23,457 - 28,009 GBP
depending on experience. If after visiting the
site you have further questions please contact Dr
Mary Zajicek at mzajicek_at_brookes.ac.uk

Closing date: 3rd January 2006

Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)

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