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>From: Ryan Deschamps <Ryan.Deschamps_at_Dal.Ca>
>What if a citation is provided, but not quoted and the information
>has substantially changed? The retrieval date helps, I suppose, but
>that's a pretty hard slog to check the source if you ask me.

I think I mentioned this in an earlier message, but it's actually
rather easy to cite, and verify, a specific version of a Wikipedia
article. If the topic is Watergate, then do not merely cite the URL
of the article:


Instead, click Wikipedia's "History" tab at the top of the page.
You'll see a list of several dozen versions of the article, each with
a unique URL. Just right-click the date of the top (mnost recent )
one ("13:55 12 December 2005" as of right now; wow, someone just
edited it). From the pop-up menu, choose "Copy Link Location" (I 'm
using Firefox), and then go to your word processor and paste in the URL:


If you follow this URL to check it, you'll see gray text at the top
of the page which indicates the version: "Revision as of 13:55, 12
December 2005; view current revision". So it takes only an extra ten
seconds for an author to cite a specific version, and no extra time
for a reader to verify it.

-Matt Jensen
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