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Members of Humanist may want to contribute to this award as well:
Richard had an early and abiding interest in electronic scholarship.


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>From: "ROBIN SCHULZE" <rgs3_at_psu.edu>
>Date: December 14, 2005 7:25:06 PM CST
>To: rgs3_at_psu.edu
>Dear members of the Society for Textual Scholarship community,
>It is with great sadness that I write to you to inform you of the
>death of our beloved colleague and friend, Richard J. Finneran. Many
>of you will no doubt know Richard through his great edition of the
>Poems of W. B. Yeats (1983, rev. 1989), the standard to which
>scholars and readers still turn. Others will remember Richard from
>his tireless, convivial efforts to keep STS running
>smoothly. Richard was a vital part of our organization--a trusted
>organizational and intellectual leader and a community builder. He
>served as the Executive Director of STS from 1997 until his final
>illness forced him to step down in 2004. Committed to raising the
>international profile of editorial and textual work, Richard loved
>STS. He both shone at and reveled in the Executive Board meetings
>and the biennial STS conferences in New York that have done so much
>to reshape traditions of American and world editing. For those of us
>who worked with Richard, it is hard to imagine STS without him.
>Given Richard's importance to the organization we all value, it
>seemed only fitting for the Society for Textual Scholarship to do
>something to honor his memory in a lasting way. To that end, the
>Executive Board of the Society for Textual Scholarship recently
>voted to raise money to establish a biennial book prize in Richard's
>name. The prize, to be called the Finneran Award, will be given in
>recognition of the best edition or book about editorial theory
>and/or practice published in the English language during the
>preceding two calendar years. The award will be presented at the
>biennial STS conference, on the model of the Bowers Award, and will
>carry a cash honorarium.
>In order to make this prize a reality, we are seeking to raise an
>endowment of $5,000. If you would like to make a donation in
>Richard's honor to the Richard Finneran Memorial Fund, please send
>your check, payable to the Society for Textual Scholarship, to our
>Treasurer, Professor Beth Loizeaux.
>Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux
>Associate Professor of English
>Associate Dean
>College of Arts and Humanities
>1102 Francis Scott Key Hall
>University of Maryland
>College Park, MD 20742
>Please help us to establish a prize that will help us to all
>remember our friend and colleague at conferences to come.
>George Bornstein, President Elect, Society for Textual Scholarship
>Robin G. Schulze, Executive Director Elect, Society for Textual
>Richard's works:
>Ed., W.B. Yeats, John Sherman and Dhoya (Wayne State University
>Press, 1969; ed., William Butler Yeats: The Byzantium Poems
>(Charles E. Merrill, 1970); The Prose Fiction of W.B. Yeats: the
>Search for 'those simple forms' (Dolmen, 1973); ed., Letters of
>James Stephens (Macmillan, 1974); ed. and contrib., Anglo-Irish
>Literature: A Review of Research (MLA, 1976); ed., The
>Correspondence of Robert Bridges and W.B. Yeats (Macmillan, 1977);
>co-ed., Letters to W.B. Yeats (London: Macmillan; New York:
>Columbia University Press, 1977); The Olympian and the Leprechaun:
>W.B. Yeats and James Stephens (Dolmen, 1978); co-ed., Some
>Unpublished Letters from AE to James Stephens (Cuala, 1979); ed. and
>contrib., Recent Research on Anglo-Irish Writers: A Supplement to
>Anglo-Irish Literature: A Review of Research ( MLA, 1983); Editing
>Yeats's Poems (Macmillan; St. Martin's Press, 1983); ed., W.B.
>Yeats, The Poems: A New Edition (Macmillan, 1983; Macmillan, 1984);
>ed., Critical Essays on W.B. Yeats (G.K. Hall, 1986); ed., W.B.
>Yeats, The Poems, rev. ed. ( Macmillan, 1989); ed. W.B. Yeats,
>Collected Poems (New York: Macmillan, 1989); Editing Yeats's Poems:
>A Reconsideration (Macmillan, 1990); ed., W.B. Yeats, John Sherman
>and Dhoya (Macmillan, 1991); ed., W.B.Yeats, Collected Poems, 2nd
>ed. (Scribner, 1996); ed., The Literary Text in the Digital Age
>(Michigan, 1996); ed., W.B. Yeats, The Poems, 2nd ed. (Scribner,
>1997); ed., The Yeats Reader (Scribner, 1997); Editorial
>Consultant, Chadwyck-Healy Electronic Yeats Archive.
>Representative articles: "'Old lecher with a love on every wind': A
>Study of Yeats's Stories of Red Hanrahan," Texas Studies in
>Literature and Language 14 (1972): 347-58; "James Joyce and James
>Stephens: The Record of a Friendship," James Joyce Quarterly
>11 (1974): 179-92; "Literature and Nationality in the Work of
>James Stephens," South Atlantic Bulletin 40 (1975): 18-25; "The
>Sources of James Stephens's Reincarnations," Tulane Studies in
>English 22 (1977): 143-53; "The Composition and Final Text of
>W.B. Yeats' 'Crazy Jane on the King,'" ICarbS 4 (1981):
>67-74; "The Order of Yeats's Poems," Irish University Review
>14 (1984): 165-76; "The Manuscripts of W.B. Yeats's 'Reprisals,'"
>TEXT 2 (1985): 269-77; "W.B. Yeats: Early Letters and His Library,"
>Review 9 (1987): 205-14; "Text and Interpretation in the Poems of
>W.B. Yeats," in Representing Modernist Texts , ed. George Bornstein
>(University of Michigan Press, 1991), 17-47.
>Lecturer, Yeats International Summer School, 1972, 1976, 1989;
>Visiting Professor, Ohio State University, 1985; Executive
>Committee, South Atlantic MLA, 1984-87; Consulting Editor, UMI
>Research Press Series on Modern Literature; co-General Editor,
>Collected Edition of the Works of W.B. Yeats; Series Editor for the
>Poems, Cornell Yeats; ed., Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual
>Studies; Executive Committee, Society for Textual Scholarship,
>1992--; Vice President, South Atlantic Modern Language Association,
>1995-96; President, South Atlantic Modern Language Association,
>1996-97; Acting Executive Director, South Atlantic Modern Language
>Association, 1996-98; Executive Director, Society for Textual
>Scholarship, 1997--.
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