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The December 2005 issue of D-Lib Magazine (http://www.dlib.org/) is
now available.

This issue contains seven articles, the 'In Brief' column, excerpts
from recent press releases, and news of upcoming conferences and
other items of interest in 'Clips and Pointers'. This month D-Lib
features the Library of Congress Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources.

The articles include:

AIHT: Conceptual Issues from Practical Tests
Clay Shirky, New York University

Harvard's Perspective on the Archive Ingest and Handling Test
Stephen Abrams, Stephen Chapman, Dale Flecker, Sue Kreigsman, Julian
Marinus, Gary McGath, and Robin Wendler, Harvard University

The Archive Ingest and Handling Test: The Johns Hopkins University Report
Tim DiLauro, Mark Patton, David Reynolds, and G. Sayeed Choudhury,
The Johns Hopkins University

Archive Ingest and Handling Test: The Old Dominion University Approach
Michael L. Nelson, Johan Bollen, Giridhar Manepalli, and Rabia Haq,
Old Dominion University

The AIHT at Stanford University: Automated Preservation Assessment of
Heterogeneous Digital Collections
Richard Anderson, Hannah Frost, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, and Keith Johnson,

Parallel Worlds: Online Games and Digital Information Services
John Kirriemuir, Silversprite

Open Access Federation for Library and Information Science: dLIST and
Anita Coleman and Joseph Roback, University of Arizona

(Incidentally, another periodical I edit (The IEEE TCDL Bulletin
http://www.ieee-tcdl.org/Bulletin/current/) has just been released
this week as well. It features 31 of the posters and demonstrations
from JCDL 2005.)
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