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Re: 19.530 VR scholarly editions

I'm not sure that Neven Jovanovic meant to suggest that all scholarly
editions must present a critical apparatus in order to be considered
scholarly. This would seem to exclude the category of editions without a
critical apparatus but produced by scholars who provide scholia. Prominent
in this category are translations accompanied by notes.

One of my favourites is the following passage in the translation by Lewis
White Beck of Kant's _What is Enlightment?_

If we are asked, "do we now live in an _enlightened age?_" the answer is,
"No," but we do live in an _age of enlightenment_.

to which is appended the following note:

["Our age is, in especial degree, the age of criticism, and to criticism
everything must submit" (_Critique of Pure Reason_, Preface to first edl
[Smith trans.]).]

I like the play of brackets :)

Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large
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