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         From: "H.M. Gladney" <hgladney_at_gmail.com>
         Subject: DDQ 4(4) is available

The Digital Document Quarterly newsletter volume 4 number 4 is
available at

It contains various short notes indicated by excerpts of its table of contents:

The Class of 'Balls' Is Not Obviously the Set of Balls
A Concise Dismissal of "Intelligent Design"
What is "Digital Preservation"? What Does "Open Source" Mean?
About Digital Preservation Costs
Speculation about Faster Digital Preservation Progress
Recommended reading: Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge
Recommended reading: The Internet is Broken
The usual section on practical aspects of personal computing.

The collected DDQ table of contents is available at

Best wishes, H.M. Gladney,
HMG Consulting
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